In this article, we are going to discuss Laura Frizzo, her Wikipedia, age, net worth, profession, dispute with David Thayer:

Laura Frizzo Iron River is trending these days after being fired from her job even though she spent just 2 months on the job. She was posted on the position of County Mayor. David suspended her from the job reportedly on the ground of ‘irreconcilable differences. Keep reading to discover more about the officer and the issue is dealing with. 

who is laura frizzo?

Chief Laura Frizzo was an Iron River, police officer. He was trending these days after being fired. Our sources confirmed that he was suspended on the grounds of some disputes with the council agenda. It was decided by David Thayer to fire her. Back on September 20, 2016, she took leave from the work in relation to Kelly Cochran‘s murder case.

“Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Laura Frizzo, a former female police chief from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula whose missing person investigation led her to uncover a possible female serial killer. The bizarre case is the subject of Investigation Discovery’s “Dead North.”

Laura’s personal details like age, net worth, husband, etc are not uncovered yet. She did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings in the case. 


Why She Got Fired

Mayor David told the reason behind her suspension is the internal disputes. His stringent decision from refusing officer service leads to people’s disgruntle reactions.  She has already knocked on the gates of court and demanded justice. Although the case is not looking in her favor. We will keep you informed with the latest information. 

“When Laura Frizzo, the lone female police chief in the isolated, relentlessly cold world of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, began an investigation to find missing person Chris Regan, she never expected to uncover an alleged female serial killer as well.” said Discovery Inc. 

Police chief Laura Frizzo wiki

Now the case of Frizzo vs. City of Iron River is trending these days. Social media users are curious and waiting for the fallout of the case. Everyone’s eyes are now at the court preceding and in what direction the decision will fall on. 


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