San Marcos High School news is trending all over the internet for some recent hours. Sources claim that San Marcos High School teacher named Jarrod Bradley is recently arrested. Parents and students were really shocked to hear that a teacher from such a famous school has arrested. We will learn more about the case in the article.

Who is Jarrod Bradley Santa Barbara?

Jarrod Bradley is a popular Santa Barbara teacher of San Marcos High School. Jarrod Bradley taught AP Physics as well as marketing to the students. In addition to this, he was also the tennis coach of the high school. His arrest news has become viral on social media and everywhere on the internet, everyone is talking about him. 

Sources revealed that He was arrested for sending explicit images to a minor student via an online messaging app. Following the allegations by the student and the availability of evidence, he has been asked to take a compulsory leave of absence, effective immediately. 

The investigation is going on and he was recently arrested by the detective working on this case. Not much information about the teacher has been released so far as this is a private matter for the school.

Jarrod Bradley

San Marcos High School Teacher Arrested

San Marcos High School teacher Jarrod Bradley was arrested on the charge of passing on inappropriate pictures to a male student in the school.  The boy who received those messages explained that they seemed inappropriate and made him feel violated. The teacher went on to send him explicit photographs over time. The boy eventually recognized the man as a teacher at San Marcos.

On social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, his arresting news is circulating. A huge number of tweets and Facebook posts were posted every minute related to this case. 

It was the underage boy himself that contacted the police department at Santa Barbara on those accounts. According to him, the communication occurred on a location-based social networking app.

The information on the boy is also minimal. So it is not clear yet if the boy was from the school or just lived around the area. 

Either way, the acts done by the teacher are condemned to be illegal, leading him to face a series of charges.

Regarding the exact nature of the crime and its severity, the investigating officers are still talking to the victim, the accused as well as the school. The school has been vocal about providing all the help the police might need during the operation.

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