Daniel Cipolat, cosmic lecturer dead body found in the garden of his secretary due to which everyone attention is now on the matter. He was Argentina based Cosmic expert who usually share his field knowledge on the internet with the name ‘dandelion.’ He holds a decent amount of fan following on the social media spaces that’s why his unexpected death shock so many people. So far the circumstances around his death were not revealed by any authentic source. We will talk about it in much detail later in this blog. So keep reading until the end to clear all your doubts.

Who Was Daniel Cipolat?

Daniel Cipolat was a cosmic subject lecturer. he usually shared his lecture on social networking sites. According to some sources, he was 60 years old at the time of his death. But the exact figure of his birth is still not revealed by anyone. he was born in Argentina but later shifted to Mexico city.


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Daniel had deep knowledge about the cosmic world and consistently tried to aware others too of the same. He was trending these days after his secretary pronounced her dead at the garden of her house. The shocking news was confirmed by the secretary on social media.

Daniel Cipolat

Daniel Cipolat Death

Daniel Cipolat Death is a great shock to every of his fan base who learns a lot from him. Before some days of his death, he announced on his Instagram handle that he was covid positive. On his Instagram account, he was followed by 21.3k. He received so many good wishes at the time for his fast recovery.


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Cause Of Death

As mentioned Daniel Cipolat’s cause of death is still a mystery. There are no details available to us that define what happened to him. But you don’t need to worry. Our team is on the job to draw out more details and relevant information to clear every confusion.

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