Jason Korpi of Season 5 of Unexpected is recently in news following the news of his arrest coming out on social media. The news spread quickly and gain everyone’s attention. People are talking about him everywhere on social media.

Internet netizens also express their curiosity about knowing more about him. We will share more interesting facts and information about him later in this blog. So make sure you keep reading to not miss a single update. 

Who is Jason Korpi?

Jason Korpi is a popular character in Season 5 of Unexpected. Personal information like age, net worth, and family remain undisclosed at the moment. He has never shared these kinds of details on social media platforms.

Leads confirm before he debuted in the hit TLC adolescent pregnancy reality show, Korpi was investigated under the serious allegation of violence. 

jason korpi arrested

Although it was not the first time he got into the headlines. There are several allegations due to which he cost him heavy. Like on February 26, 2022, due to inappropriate driving, he was charged with serious allegations. One Jason Korpi Arrest one wrote supporting it “Jason Korpi has separated her from her family & is now denying her the medical care she needs. These midwives should see what’s going on & have put a stop to this. I truly don’t like what they are putting her through. I’m glad he was arrested.”

jason korpi arrested 

Jason was in an active relationship with Kylen Smith for a long time. Both were dating since July 2020 and later got married. The couple has a son Xavier who was born in May 2021.

The couple posted the photo of the same on their Instagram profile.  One reacted to the news “@TLC refusing to film the #JasonKorpi abuse on #Unexpected would not have been the answer. Then what? He’s not getting checked by either set of parents. At least this way we can tell her this isn’t right and others can watch this and recognize abusive behavior for themselves.” 

allegations, charges, jailed

The news of Jason Korpi Arrest shocked his fan following. Although for some it is not at all shocking news. Because they have already seen him in legal trouble multiple times.

And this time it is no special. One of the leads confirm he was up to date charged with 11 allegations.

We will keep you updated with further news and events in this regard on our website Deathmilitia.com. Wendy Stuttler wrote “Anyone else watching unexpected pregnancy an wants to literally kill Jason Korpi Kylens baby’s father. He abuses her the whole show and the producers just let it happen.”


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