Prior Lake High School students Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crooks are trending past hours after a racist video surfaced online. In the viral video, two white students tried to harass a black one due to which latter suicide. The investigation is already on the way. School authorities sent the notice to the parents of the child who were indulged in this. We will discuss everything in detail so keep reading till the end. 

Jayden Kewley, Viral Racist Video of Prior Lake High School Student

Who is Jayden Kewley?

Jayden Kewley is a student at Prior Lake high school located in Savage, Minnesota, United States. Her actual date of birth is not known to us at the moment. But there some rumor claims her to be 18. She holds American nationality. She is trending after a racist video by Crooks and Jayden got viral. In the video, both can be seen harassing and humiliating a black student.

Some sources on the internet cleared that this forced the victim student to commit suicide. following the viral video, many social media users express anger towards the same. So far the Kewley parents‘ details are not available to us. But we will soon make it accessible through our website. 

Jayden Kewley Prior Lake High School Racist Video

The Instagram user name shaunking was one of the few who shared the full racist video of Jayden. The video is already watched thousands of times. People’s angriness towards the racism slur can be seen through the messages and reaction to the clip. so many people blamed Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crooks Parents for this.

Here is what a social media user wrote “Young nasty racist Karens soon become grown nasty racist Karens. “


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“This is Jaelyn Crooks of Prior Lake High School in Minnesota. Nasty racist bigot. It’s disgusting. I’m sure your parents and grandparents and siblings talk this way at home. You are so comfortable with your racism that it clearly wasn’t a slip of the tongue or a momentary lapse of judgment. ⁣”

“She is harassing a Black student that I am told was suicidal. This was reported to the school over and over and they did NOTHING. ⁣” He added further. This kind of hatred hints at how much hate still some white people have for the community.

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More About Victim Girl 

The girl available with the name Nyasigin on Instagram was confirmed as the victim of the harrassed video. She was badly hurt by racist slurs due to her black ethnicity.


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We are living in 21 century but these kinds of incidents remind us from time to time of the existence of racisms. People show their supports towards the girl after the incident by donating to Gofundme.


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