Another Shocking and heartbreaking news is just caught by the eyes of our Team. It is saddened to announce that Richard Lowtax Kyanka who is the founder of Awful site is dead. If you don’t know about something Awful site then it is a comedy site that contains various contents including blog entries, forums, feature articles, digitally edited pictures, and humorous media reviews. This is a famous website among netizens. We will learn the complete story of Richard Kyanka Death in the article.

Something Awful site

Who is Lowtax Kyanka?

Richard Kyanka is famous for being the founder of the Something Awful site. This is an entertaining website that is full of comedy videos, forums, articles, and more. Recently Lowtax Kyanka goes viral on Social media for his Death. Some sources were claiming that Lowtax is passed away. Lowtax is a famous internet personality and he has thousands of followers on his Social Media profiles. His sudden Death news is becoming a hot topic on the internet.

According to One Facebook User:

“Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka, the creator of the Something Awful forums, the internet message board that basically created internet culture, inspired 2 Channel which in turn inspired 4Chan which in turn inspired 8Chan/8Kun, and set the stage for the way that a bunch of angry teenagers would be able to manipulate and set the stage for global culture and politics, has died.”

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Richard Kyanka Dead or alive

According to the Forum of Somethingawful, the founder Richard Kyanka is dead. However, no further details about his cause of death are revealed there. Some sources claimed that the news is true while others are believing that this is just rumors nothing else. Any official announcement is not yet posted on social media by the family of Richard Kyanka. Our team is continuously connected with the Social media handles of the Lowtax Kyanka family and we will let you update if we get anything in this matter.


One Facebook User Wrote:

“Apparently, Lowtax aka Rich Kyanka aka the founder of passed away today (there’s a thread on the SA forum about it that I’m not going to link to, it’s easy enough to find).

He apparently went off the rails in his later years (no cause of death has been reported and for all I know never will be) but if you know who he was, you know he was literally one of the most influential people of the early internet, for better or worse (4chan, for example, spun off from Lowtax’s forum). The entire language of internet comedy, including the reliance on memes, came from the massive creative community at SA. It’s hard to find a comedy writer from Web 1.0 that DIDN’T spends time there. He changed the world and also apparently was just a total trainwreck of a human being. RIP”

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