Once again tragic news has hit the internet hard. The popular Jaz Singh from Kray Twinz has passed away. the group has a wide fan base in the world. the news was confirmed by many sources on the internet included family members. Reports cleared that the singer died due to covid virus complications. he spent most of his time in hospital in the past few weeks battling with the deadly disease. Our teams shared deep and sincere condolences with the family and relatives. We pray his soul rest in peace.

Kray Twinz

Who is Jaz Singh?

His Full name was Jasbir Singh Hayer. Jaz was an Indian-born British DJ, singer, and music composer. He has a younger twin brother and the duo is often regarded as Kray Twinz. “Coventry lads born a Raised (Kray Twins) Their first gig was at a family party and eventually played to a crowd in their hometown “

The duo was very popular worldwide for its amazing music. They have a major fan following mostly in the UK, India, and some other parts of the world.

“The Kray Twinz has amassed a shed load of accolades in their professional career. Having gained international smash hits, produced award-winning music for TV shows, movie soundtracks, video games, House Bhangra, Hip Hop, and R&B bangers… Their Midas touch is still intact. The experimental hitmakers are a brand that has loyal and fierce supporters, media champions and is constantly watched for their next move.”

Sources confirm that Jaz Singh died at the age of 45 years. They have worked with so many popular personalities in the world. Like Keyshia Cole, Mark Morrison and Jay-Z, and many others.


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Jaz Singh Death

Kray Twinz Death has left thousands of fans following in utter disbelief. as he was around 45 years old his sudden demise leads so much disappointment.  Jasbir was born to a Punjabi family and is always proud of its roots. He has a deep connection with India as it was his birthplace. No doubt his departure caused an unmeasurable loss. It was confirmed he set for his departure from this world very peacefully on 19 October. Now let’s discuss the circumstances around Singer’s death in the next paragraph.

How did Jaz Hayer Die?

Jaz has spent four weeks in the hospital before the moment he died battling with covid 19. But from last hours his health started deteriorating. And sometime later he was pronounced dead. the heartwrenching news caused so much pain to his family member and close relatives. They have lost such a great member of their unit. thousands of his fan following took their social account to share condolences and paid tributes. 

“Deepest condolences to you and your entire family. Was a blessing to have known Jaz and spent time with him. Always so wise, so creative, so driven. What a loss.”

Ravi Singh-Khalsa Aid wrote “Another young life taken by Covid ! Please join me in praying for the soul of Jaz Singh ( @kraytwinz ) 🙏🏻 I met both of the @kraytwinz couple of times earlier this year. We got on straight away ! I am deeply shocked at his passing away, just so unbelievable! Gone too soon ….”

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More on Kraytwinz

Kraytwinz stands for the twin who was British-born Award-Winning DJs, Producers & Content Creators. You can find them on Instagram with around 156k followers.  One wrote mourning the death “Shocked …. Jaz ( Jaz Singh )from the KRAY TWINZ has passed away – hailed from my hometown – a young man and talented, many memories from way back when they first started learning the skills they developed from the young age of 13 with Inpulse roadshow (Steve Bhakri my older brother). RIP Lil Jaz”


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