A popular business analyst named Greg Bradshaw suddenly died and his Death news is circulating on the whole internet. Hundreds of people were paying tribute to his demise and praying for the Peace of his soul. We will learn more about the businessman Greg Bradshaw Death later in the article.

Greg Bradshaw

Who is Greg Bradshaw?

Greg Bradshaw is popularly known as a businessman, managing executive, and analyst who was associated with Mellow Mushroom. Mellow Mushroom is a decorous pizza venue at Auburn of Alabama state known for its great taste and delicate mushroom recipes. He also worked for downtown merchants as their champion or advocate. Here is his Facebook Account ID.

Greg was a preacher of social uplift and has worked for many foods places before his permanent stature at Mellows. He was born September 14, 1965, in Decatur, Georgia, the second son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bradshaw, Jr. and the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Preston Forth and Mr. and Mrs. Fonso Bradshaw, all of Dublin.


Besides being a businessman, Greg was also a  longtime Auburn Rugby supporter, player, sponsor, guru, mentor, employer, occasional life coach, and all-around all-star guy. Hundreds of his friends say that he was the kind-hearted and most lovely person they ever met. He was a nice guy who will be always missed by his friends, family, and co-workers. At the age of 56, he takes his last breath on October 18, 2021, at his home in Auburn, Alabama. May his Departed Soul Rest in Peace.

One of his Close friends wrote on Facebook:

“For those that have not heard, longtime Auburn Rugby supporter, player, sponsor, guru, mentor, employer, occasional life coach, and all-around all-star guy, Greg Bradshaw passed away unexpectedly over the weekend. There is a memorial service tomorrow at St. Dunstan’s at 1:00 in Auburn. Some of the crew from the late ’90s is going to get together at Mellow for lunch beforehand for those that may be there.

There are more words that can be said about Greg and the impact he had on Auburn Ruggers from my era that can (or maybe should) be written in a book. From the looks of his Facebook page, his generosity with his time, spirit and resources extended far beyond our crew as well. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Cheers to you, Bradshaw, thanks for everything you’ve done for us along the way”

Greg Bradshaw

Greg Bradshaw Death

According to a social media personality, Greg Bradshaw died on October 18, 2021, at his home in Auburn, Alabama at the age of 56. Anywhere on the internet, His Cause of Death is not listed, But our team is working on finding the best possible details of Greg Bradshaw. His funeral will be held on October 21, 2021, at around 1 pm. at St. Dunstan’s Church located in Auburn.

Auburn will never forget such a great and gentleman. Greg Bradshaw was a passionate person who put his heart into whatever he did. RIP Legend. We pass our Deepest Condolence to his family, friends, and relatives.

Auburnmellow Official Instagram Page Wrote:

“With heavy hearts we share the passing of our wonderful owner, Greg Bradshaw. To know him was to love him. His kindness and generosity will be missed by all.”

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One of his Co-worker Wrote on Facebook:

“Sad to hear about the passing of our good friend Greg Bradshaw. He was one of the most giving and hilarious guys I’ve ever met. I enjoyed my short time working for him at Mellow and still remember him coming in just to stuff his pockets with the portioned chicken to take home to his dog Nate. He always made his presence known in the neighborhood and would talk to anyone about anything at any time. I remember the Sullivan’s telling me stories about him chasing Nate around the neighborhood in just his boxers quite often and that’s just the kind of guy he was. I always imagined him taking over in the Dos Equis commercials as The Most Interesting Man in the World because it would be hard to find someone as interesting and crazy as Greg. He was a caring man and loved his dog more than anything and for them to be reunited again makes me happy. Im appreciative that I got to know him so well and the love that he always had for our family. He truly was a one of a kind and the Auburn community will miss him a lot. Rest In Peace Greg.”

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