Capitol Hill Congressional Staffer, Jeffrey Allsbrook was arrested for carrying a gun in the building. Know about Jeffrey Allsbrook: 

Jeffrey Allsbrook is a  Capitol Hill Congressional Staffer who recently comes into social media searches when his arrest news starts circulating on social media. According to the news, Jeffrey Allsbrook is arrested for loading the gun into a lawmaker’s place of business development. Everywhere on the internet, he is on the headlines. People were going curious to know more about the person. We will take a look at Jeffrey Allsbrook in the article.

gun video of Arrested Capitol Hill Staff

Who is Jeffrey Allsbrook?

Jeffrey Allsbrook is a guy who is recently floating on social media for an incident. Sources confirmed that Jeffrey brought a gun at the Longworth House Office Building, south of the US Capitol Building. He is also a Capitol Hill staff. The 57 years old Jeffrey has hit the internet hard by doing this incident. The security threat issued by the police has since been cleared. The gun video is yet to be released by the authorities.

The officers at a security checkpoint of the building spotted an image of a handgun in a bag on the x-ray screen. Soon after, they began searching for the owner. The U.S. Capitol Police sent an email warning about the security threat. The email asked the employees inside the building to seek shelter in the nearest office. The staff was also asked to find a place to remain quiet and hide. One of the reporters for ABC, John Parkinson, revealed further details about the incident. As per Em Nguyen, another ABC News reporter, the term “Security Threat, Security Threat” was on repeat on the building’s intercom, reports Audacy.

Jeffrey Allsbrook Arrested 

Sources confirmed that Jeffrey Allsbrooks got arrested by the police officers at Longworth House Office Building, Capitol Hill for carrying a loaded gun on the premises. The police officers finally managed to track down the individual to who the gun belonged. Allsbrooks was spotted four minutes after the gun got found. We don’t have any updates on his family as of now. 



Jeffrey Allsbrook Washington dc charges and allegations

Jeffrey is facing charges of carrying a pistol without a license. The authorities have not released further details about his arrest and the charges he is facing. The reporter wrote on Twitter:

“UPDATE | The security threat ended. The Intercom says it’s all clear now. Earlier security guards seemed to be looking for a suspicious person. They asked one of the ABC staff members who were with me if she had just entered the building or not.”


Although An investigation regarding the case is still going on. The officers are looking into what exactly happened before the four minutes. They are also trying to find out what happened in between the time the gun got discovered.

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