Jordan Rindgen, Broome countryman arrest rumors circulating on social media. People were curious to know more about Jordan Rindgen:

Sources revealed that Broome Countryman Jordan Rindgen was arrested. Assault rumor is circulating on the internet making people curious to know more about Jordan Rindgen. Here in this article, we will learn all about Jordan.

Jordan Rindgen

Who is Jordan Rindgen?

Professionally, Jordan Rindgen is a kitchen expert based in Binghamton, Broome County, New York. Sources revealed that he has become the talk of the town. Recently he gains massive audience attention on Social media for his arrest news. Although some sources confirmed that the news is just rumors. The news is very private as of now. We couldn’t find any about the Jordan Rindgen arrest news anywhere on the internet including social media platforms. we will update you once we get anything in this matter.

Viral News: Bobby Blanco

 Jordan is a managing partner at the restaurants such as The Colonial, The Stone Fox, and Dos Rios Cantina. Presently, he is the co-owner and general manager of Colonial. There is a LinkedIn profile of chef Jordan Rindgen. We could not have any other information about Jordan now but we will update you soon. 

Jordan Rindgen Arrested

Jordan Rindgen recently hit the internet hard with his arrest news. People were going curios to know about was he arrested or not. But most of the news sources confirmed that this is just a hoax. Jordan is a focused and determined businessman. Apparently, he is quite busy in his career, and he has no time to involve in this kind of controversy. 

 Jordan Rindgen Accused of Rape And Assault

Currently, it is not clear whether Jordan is arrested or not that’s why we don’t have any update he was accused or not. It seems that all the Jordan allegations are just rumors. As we didnt find any proper source confirmed that Jordan is arrested. Reportedly, Jordan has discussed restaurant and bars curfew since November 2020, which has hampered his work and faced several adjustments throughout the year. Besides that, Jordan is active on Facebook with good fan followers. Jordan is a family man for sure. His wife is Reva Park and he is blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter. Discussing Jordan’s age, he is around 31 to 32 years old as of 2021. His exact date of birth is under the radar now. Before joining Colonial, Jordan is a roast beef expert. He worked at the Krebs. With his knowledge and experience, he is now the GM and Owner of reputed restaurants in New York. 

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