Texas internet sensation and Tiktoker, Jeremy Ketsume was making news headlines after the leaked video. The leaked clip of the Jeremy was claimed to be of his Onlyfan handle. The two times Guinness record for his height is now trending on the internet.

Everywhere on the social media platform, people are talking about him. Internet netizens show curiosity to explore the Tiktoker. Keep reading to learn more about her further in this blog. 

who is jeremy ketsume?

Jeremy Ketsume is a teenager based in Cedar Park, Texas. She is well known for being a Guinness World Records broker for his height. Not much information about the person is known in the public domain. There is no Wikipedia page on the internet specifying his personal and professional details.

For your kind information, She is also active on the subscription-based bold content sharing platform Onlyfan. Recently Jeremy was trending following the release of his Onlyfan videos on social media platforms.

She has achieved a milestone on the short video sharing platform Tiktok where more than 2 million people follow her. When she was 19 years old she begged  Guinness World Championship for her legs(about 4 ft 5 inches).

According to some leads, her right leg is about 53.26 inches long and her left leg is 52.87 inches which is a little bit shorter in comparison to the right one. 

The exact net worth of the Texas Tiktoker is not known at the moment but looking at his subscribers based on Onlyfan, one can confirm She is earning really a good lump sum. 

Jeremy Ketsume Video

The viral intimating photos and Jeremy Ketsume Video circulated all over the platforms shortly after it was first posted on the internet. People are talking about it and trying to explore more about the guy in the video. As the video contains some inappropriate material in it so we can’t share it with our readers. Also, you got the video deleted from major social handles as the same contains NSFW. 

Jeremy Ketsume Reddit Twitter 

The Onlyfan video of the  Guinness World Champion got published on Reddit and some Twitter handles initially. Which further spread to the other platforms as well, this is not surprising that the video got viral in a short span considering her popularity. The video has been seen thousands of times and got hundreds of reactions from the viewers. As of now she has not commented or posted anything about the same. 

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