We are back with the viral video on the internet yes there is a terrible video on Twitter which trending and thousands of people are searching for this. The video is hard-breaking to watch we are saying this after watching. You may find the video on Twitter so far it has been viewed by a lot of people and netizens are continuously reacting to the video. They are making comments and sharing the video on social media platforms.

who is @jo14gameplay Twitter?

We won’t tell you this video is about a mother and son in which we can see your mother who is carrying her son who is dead. Yes you heard right you must have felt blue for her but the video is not containing good graphics because her son whose head is completely broken and damaged. The video is inappropriate to watch you are just telling yourself where you can watch the video. You can find the video on Twitter and Reddit.  a user on Twitter named @jo14gameplay  has posted the video and it went viral in a short span after that many of the other accounts on Twitter posted the same video.


jo14gameplay Twitter Video

After watching the video we got to know her son has died after he fell under the truck and the tire across his head broke. It seems fake because they have never seen such kind of moment anywhere many people are not believing in this video. And some are getting curious to watch the video which is why they are looking for the Twitter link. @jo14gameplay Twitter account is being the center of attraction after posting the video, we have not found more info related to @jo14gameplay  Twitter.

In the past, we have also found lots of videos that went viral due to Graphic content and it has been one of them. It is getting lots of attention day by day by the people. Your heart will also break if you watch the video on Twitter. Many people are searching for the video even many websites have covered this news. There is no accurate information about this incident or what has exactly happened. They are some people around her who are completely shocked the mother is crying brutually, we will be right back with the new post on the same site, till then stay connected with us.

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