In this blog, we are going to discuss john DiRubba and his present status. Valerie Cincinelli, Ex-boyfriend accused of hiring a hitman for killing Valerie’s husband. Valerie was also involved in the whole scene and got arrested. Later sentenced to four years in jail for the whole planning. If you wanted to explore where is her boyfriend DiRubba now? Then keep reading the article till the end. 

who is John DiRubba?

John DiRubba bakery and tattoo shop owner belongs from New York. He was well known for being the ex-boyfriend of New York City police officer Valerie Cincinelli despite the fact that she was a married woman with a husband name Carvalho. Both met back in 2017 when he was in his 50s. “Ms. Cincinelli started dating Mr. DiRubba in around 2017, court filings show.

The daughter of a former New York City officer, she had served about a decade in the Police Department, including with a domestic violence unit in Queens; Mr. DiRubba said he was making a living “building and flipping houses.” The two were soon inseparable, Mr. DiRubba later said: They got matching “’til death” tattoos on their left hands

Later both started spending time together and decided to remove their obstacles. In the interview, Dirubba told how Cincinelli pressurise him for hiring a hitman to kill her husband and remove the hurdle for good. Following the unsuccessful attempt, the former New York City police officer was charged and sentenced to four years in jail. “Valerie Cincinelli, who resigned from the New York Police Department, was given four years in prison for seeking to enlist her boyfriend in a double murder-for-hire scheme.”

where is John DiRubba Now?

As per some leads, john DiRubba was last spotted in New york. From the very start, he used to show his innocence in the case of an attempt to murder her ex-girlfriend’s husband and his own adolescent daughter. One reacted “John DiRubba is trying to play innocent.

So easy to tell he’s garbage. He knew she was married. Also, naively believing a decorated domestic violence police officer was a victim? He’s a liar that enjoyed the thrill of the affair.”


John dirubba Daughter

According to the source, it was revealed that John DiRubba was given around $7000 for hiring a hitman for the purpose to kill Carvalho. And in this all plan John dirubba daughter was also targeted. And John was ready to remove her too.

The details related to her daughter remain undisclosed in the public domain. Also, we can’t confirm the information related to the current status of the daughter. But we will update you further we have enough information to share. 

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