Recently the world has lost a talented Journalist Joseph Tavarez. It is really sad as Joseph gonna host a conference ‘Listen to Your Heart’ after some days. But now his sudden demise left his every plan incomplete. People on social media mourn the death and shares condolences messages. It was confirmed from our sources that he died due to a heart attack at Cibao Medical Center. Let’s discuss everything in detail.

Joseph Tavarez

Who is  Joseph Tavarez? 

Joseph Tavarez was born in 1966 and was 55 years old at the time of his demise. He was a journalist and Communicator by profession. We did have much information about his personal and professional life. He was trending on the internet after the news of his death was confirmed by Joseph-Franklin (FM) Mars. The veteran broadcaster and journalist died at age 55 from a heart attack in Santiago de los Caballeros.

Julissa Alba tweeted that “Dominican radio is mourning, today the voice of our beloved Joseph Tavárez went out. How sad it is to hear of his unexpected departure, I will always remember him, as in the ’80s when we were on Radio Azul, well dressed, kind, friend to all his colleagues in-between “.


Joseph Tavarez Death

Joseph Tavarez Death caused thousands of heartbreak. No one has expected that he will leave them in such away. As mentioned he died due to a heart attack. His death left the family and close friends in utter disbelief. In past there he suffered many illnesses and successfully came out of it.

The death occurred at Cibao Medical Center while receiving medical attention from last night and where he would be practiced catheterism after suffering discomfort in recent days.

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Social Media Reaction

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are replete with so many condolence and tributes. He was a role model for so many in life. Our team also shared deepest condolences with the family members. No doubt they are going a lot in this testing time.

“On behalf of the whole team of Banda Real, we want to send our condolences to the families of Joseph Tavarez, Joseph was always a contributor to our group since our beginnings, today he started physically, our gratitude and admiration always “

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