Recently a New hot topic has been trending on Social media. Sources are claiming that Julia Grissom also known for her other name Shakergirl797 has been arrested. Is the news truth or not? Stay tuned with the article to get all about News.

Julia Grissom

Who is Julia Grissom a.k.a Shakergirl797?

Julia Grissom also being known as Shakergirl797 on Instagram is a woman who was arrested in  Boca Raton in charge of stealing a car. She has more than 76k followers on Instagram. The woman is a famous Social Media personality and his arrestment News is going viral on Social media. This is shocking news for all of her followers on her Social Media account. Our Team found some amazing facts about the woman which you must take a look at.

She has huge Followers on Social media and she has her YouTube Channel, OnlyF Account, and Tiktok Account Too. In Short, is a famous Social Media influence and she also has the hobbies of luxury Cars. Her Actual age is not yet discovered by our Team but some sources claim that she is around 25 years.

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Shakergirl797 Arrested

Julia Grissom a.k.a Shakergirl797 who was arrested recently for the charge of Stealing a car is shockingly also wanted in North Carolina for the alleged crime. and the weird thing is that she announced on her Instagram that she was heading towards a salon. Since she had purple hair at the time of her arrest, the police didn’t have difficulty identifying her.

Julia is in police custody for allegedly stealing a car. She is currently being held on a $1,000 bond. When Ofc. Bradley attempted to locate a VIN number for the vehicle, he discovered that it had been tampered with and/or removed. He also realized the car was not actually black in color; it was green. For further investigation, the car was taken to BRPD.

During the investigation, Julia initially denied the knowledge of the vehicle’s theft. She also said that she paid $50,000 to her friend for the car. Later Julia started crying and told the officers that she did want to talk but not in front of a large crowd.

Shakergirl797 Instagram

Julia is active on Instagram as @shakergirl797 and With only 246 posts, she has garnered 76k followers. She usually shares pictures of beautiful colorful cars on Her Instagram. Additionally, her Instagram bio states that she is an artist based in Los Angeles. 

This is all we have about Julia Grissom right now. If we get anything else related to her, we will let this article be updated. 

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