Recently a pianist’s name goes viral on Social media for an incident in which he is involved. I’m talking about Dmytro Shurov, the Judge of the singing show X-Factor. Dmytro Shurov is a famous musical personality but recently he goes viral and circulated on Social media not for his music instead for his action on the live show of X-Factor. Who is Dmytro Shurov and what he did? Be on the article to get all about this.

Dmytro Shurov

Who is Dmytro Shurov?

Dmytro Shurov is famous for being a  Judge at the singing reality shows Ukrainian X-Factor. He is a multitalented, professional, instrumentalist who plays the keyboard, piano, and guitar really well. He is also famous for his band Okean Elzy which he joins in 2000 as a session member. He was officially a member of the band in 2001 and started gaining huge popularity. Three years later, he left Okean Elzy to join Esthetic Education.

Dmytro was also a member of the band Zemfira from 2006 to 2009. Later that year, he began his own project and called it, Pianoбой. Musician Dmytro is also very popular on Social media, His Instagram account has more than 40k followers. Even In 2013, he was awarded Elle Style Awards Ukraine for the category of Best Singer. Now let’s talk about why the Musician goes viral on Social media for a couple of days.


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Dmytro Shurov Judge breaks guitar x factor

Recently in a live Music show of X Factor, Dmytro Shurov broke the guitar of a contestant while he was performing. This news is circulating on all social media platforms and people can never expect such behavior from the judge of a famous TV Show. Sources claim that Dmytro doesn’t like the contestant songs and that’s the reason he broke the contents s guitar.

This behavior of Dmytro Shurov make the whole audience of X Factor shocked even many People were hating this incident on Social media. And no Doubt that Dmytro really did a bad job. The contestant Juri Hancurkan who was humiliated in the middle of the stage had tears in his eyes. He later revealed that the guitar was a gift from his late father.

We do not yet hear that any action against Judge Dmytro Shurov is taken yet but if we get anything we will let you update here.

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 Dmytro Shurov Fired From X Factor

As we said, any action against Dmytro Shurov is not yet taken. But still, some people were spreading rumors that Dmytro Shurov is fired from X Factor for his act. Shurov hasn’t even released any public statements to address his mistake. 

Juri was heartbroken because his late father’s gift get broken into pieces in front of his eyes. Currently, the hashtag #dmitryshurov is trending on Twitter, asking for justice to Juri. The public is also demanding Dmytro should be fired from the show. 

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