Recently we have noticed a new trend demanding Justice for Justin Goolsby. For your kind information, Justin was shot dead on September 22, 2021. In this case, there is 62 years old suspect Steven Sam Vignolo.

The incident took place in Nevada, Missouri. After a gunshot, he was admitted to  Nevada Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead due to serious injuries. We will unfold many more facts in the case later in this blog. So keep reading till the end.

Who Was Justin Goolsby?

Justin is a 32-year-old Missouri-based man who got shot dead near the I-49 gas station in  Nevada. Later when he was admitted to nearby hospital authorities proclaim him dead due to shot injuries. He was trending on Tiktok and other social media platforms. The netizen demanding #justiceforjustin.

Not much information is available about the dead man so far. In the relation to the case, a 62 years old man was arrested. We will discuss thoroughly the reported reason behind his crime.

Justin Goolsby Shot Dead

Steven was witnessed shooting many times Justin on the road. And then he runs off towards burger kings where the police arrest him. He later confirmed that he hide .45 caliber handgun in the bush. The reason behind his brutal crime was said to be her misbehavior of Justin towards Steven’s granddaughter.

On Wednesday September 22, 2021 at approximately 7:05 p.m., officers from the Nevada Police Department and Vernon County Sheriffs Office responded to a parking lot in the 2400 block of E. Austin Boulevard for a report of gunshots fired. Responding emergency personnel located one male subject inside a vehicle that had sustained gunshot wounds.

His misconduct with her made Steven out of his head and force him to commit this crime. Presently he was held in Vernon County Jail and waiting for the court presentation. We will soon update you about further proceedings in the matter.

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