Recently we hear about the Death News of famous TikToker personality The Bluebell System Her Death news is hugely circulating on Social media. Some people also claim that The Bluebell System a.k.a Indie Walker TikTok committed Suicide. We will explain the complete story later in the article.

The Bluebell System

Who is The Bluebell System?

The Bluebell System Real Name is  Indie Walker. She was famous for her TikTok videos. She had over 25k followers on Instagram where show posts about mental health and chronic illness recovery. 

One Facebook User Wrote:

“Rest in peace👼🏼can’t believe the mental health system has failed you all💔things really need to change:( hope you’re all in paradise up there🥺The Bluebell System were lovely & spread so much mental health awareness especially DID,. Most of your Tiktoks just spread happy vibes🦋I hope you’re all safe with your good friend Bruce:(

EDIT: I did not know the Bluebell System personally,they were part of the mental health community on tiktok. It’s hit so close to home. They had loads of followers. I’ve been following them for a while on tiktok and some of their journey. It’s hit me hard as I’m a service user of mental health services. I can’t believe the place they were failed. The system needs to change. 💔
Another Facebook Group Wrote:

“Another sucide the mh service has failed it such a tragedy the bluebell system helped so many people with their mental health Stetson rip fly high angles ❤️

In case your wondering who the bluebell system is
The blue bell system was a beautiful young girl who has DID ( Dissociative identity disorder DID used to be called multiple personality disorder. Someone diagnosed with DID may feel uncertain about their identity and who they are. They may feel the presence of other identities, each with their own names, voices, personal histories and mannerisms.) and they like to reffed to as a system ( A system is a collection of alters within one body. The entirety of a system includes all of the alters within one body. … Instead, alters in large systems are likely to become active mostly when needed or triggered, and they often present in pairs or small groups.) the mh service has once again failed they helped so many people.”

Indie Walker Suicide Reason

The Bluebell System was a famous 20 years old TikTok user who was recently got viral on Social media when her rumors of Death news start trending on Social Media. A lot o his friends, followers, and netizens were paying tribute to her. However, any official statement from her family or friends is not yet been revealed. Some sources claim that she was died by committing suicide while some are claiming that she was facing Mental Problems. 

The Bluebell System TikTok Death

The famous Tiktoker The Bluebell System has died according to the reports and Social media. Moreover, the 20-year-old was famous for her videos regarding mental health and addiction recovery. She was a recovering addict herself. Suicide is really unexpected from a TikTok star who makes videos on Mental awareness. But unfortunately, the truth is The Bluebell System is no more with us. 

Based in Hampshire, England, Bluebell’s TikTok account has more than 130k followers and 4 million likes. Her content was appraised by many and it is a tragedy that we won’t be seeing her anymore. 


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Twitter reports reveal that The Bluebell System a.k.a Indie Walker commit suicide because of her mental pressure. This sudden news of Indie Walker Suicide was a heartbreaking shock for all her fans, friends & family members. She was a great Tiktoker whose videos goes millions of views. In addition to being famous, she was a nice girl but unfortunately, her mental health was not comfortable which become the cause of her death. 


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