k_k1027 on Tiktok: Recently a TikToker k_k1027 is going viral on social media and people were going curious to know more about her. According to the latest info, her latest video got more than 8 million views within a very short time. People were claiming that something is unusual in her profile. Let’s look at her Wikipedia and find out her real name and more.

who is k_k1027?

k_k1027 is a famous female tiktoker who usually uploads entertaining videos on her social media. Recently her videos goes viral and people were notice something strange in it. People were really enjoying her every video and that’s the reason she get millions of views easily on her TikTok profile. Currently, her TikTok account has more than 57k followers. By looking at her profile, it looks like she is married. As many times a man appears in her videos. 

k_k1027 on Tiktok real name 

k_k1027 on TikTok gone viral as people were continually sharing her video  Although her videos are not for kids. Her actual age is still undiscovered but she looks like she is around 30. Her video has been played over 8.3 million times. People are reacting to the video with hateful comments as well. We don’t have any clue about her Instagram or other social media accounts. 


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