The reports of Ugandan Famous musician and Kadongokamu singer, Vincent Segawa Death is circulating all over the internet and creating panic. According to the report, he died but there are no specifications of the cause of death. We are collecting more information to make everything clears and transparent. It will take some time to garner facts and checking the feasibility of rumors. So keep following us to get authentic information earliest.

Who was Vicent segawa?

There are so many rumors surfacing on the internet related to the death of Kadongokamu singer, Vicent Segawa.  The report claims that he died on Friday morning. In the recent past, he was in the news headlines because he convert himself to Islam. Also, he was charged with indulging in trafficking human organs.

vicent segawa


There is not much information available to us at this time. In August Ugandablizz wrote “Police has confirmed how its holding Kadongo Kamu singer Vincent Segawa alias Ibrahim Segawa at the Criminal Investigations Directorate in Kibuli on charges of child trafficking. #BlizzUgandaNews.”

Vincent Segawa was also known by the name Lukman Segawa. His name was often remeremed for songs like balinze lwolifa, sappule, sisili, lweera. he does not have any Wikipedia page. We will very soon be back with more personal facts to answer your every question. so stay tuned.


Vincent Segawa Death

Vicent Segawa Death hoax was everywhere on the intern. The lack of information from an authentic source like family members is the main reason. Very soon the family member interferes and clears the rumors viability. So many people on the internet share RIP messages. Some are still not ready to accept the news due to a lack of authenticity. In short, A situation of complete confusion is all over the internet.

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Before spreading rumors one should check multiple sources. Just like in the case of vincent is alive, his death rumors have caused so many hearts to broken down only due to these baseless rumors. Here are some posts on Twitter and Facebook sharing mourning messages.

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