Kartel Pikabu is one of the most viral personalities as of now, there are more than thousands of people who are showing interest to know about him. Kartel Pikabu’s video is circulating on the internet, do you know what happened to him? He is being searched a lot these days, there are several searches related to him.

As we know these days many videos are getting viral on social media, and users are shocked after watching the video. This is why his video is being shared on social media, users are searching for the video on Reddit, Twitter, and more. Let’s find out every single thing related to him.

Who is Kartel Pikabu?

It has been surfacing on the web. Netizens are continuously reading over the video. Some are sharing it and they are giving their reviews. The video seems to be disturbing, people are spending time to get to know what is in the video.  It can be found on Twitter, where we can see a child is killed brutally.

The caption of the video suggests that this video is not worth watching. From most of the social media platforms, this video must have been removed.  In the video, a child is appearing and he is smashed with the knife.

Kartel Pikabu Twitter Video

It is also one of the leaked videos which are grabbing lots of attention on the internet. People are coming forward to search where can they watch the video and how can they find the link.  The video might be available on Twitter and Reddit, or it would have been removed because it was against the community guidelines. 

Images and screenshots of the video are being shared online. People want to watch Kartel Pikabu Twitter video, that is why they are searching for Kartel Pikabu’s video on the web. Who is Kartel Pikabu? netizens are curious to know.

In the video, we can clearly see that a child is in pain and he is being stapped with the knife we will not recommend you to watch this video, because of the graphics. people are going through Telegram to find the link.

There is no more information related to this, we are waiting for further info, we will be right back with the new post on the same site. If you want to get more viral updates then do visit Deathmilitia, and stay connected with us.

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