Recently OSITA IHEME is hitting the headline after his death rumors started to circulate on the internet. Many of his fans are confused and they are so worried about him as they are thinking he has passed away. People have come forward to search for him and they are continuously searching whether Osita Iheme is alive or dead.

That is why he is getting viral day by day people want to know about official and exact news that he is alive or dead. Before that, we want to tell you Osita Iheme is one of the most famous faces of the Nigerian film industry. He has an immense fan following on social media he is a growing star who is known for his comedy.

Who is Osita Iheme?

People are spreading his death news if you want to know accurate information then do read this post till the end. You must know about Osita Iheme he was born in the year 1982 as of now he is 40 years old. By profession, he is a Nigerian actor and globally known for playing the role of Pawpaw in the movie Aki Na Ukawa. He is always viral on social media as we have seen millions of memes in which he is featured he is the shining face who is being followed by millions of people.

Due to his outstanding performance in the year 2007, he got the lifetime achievement award at the African Movie Academy Awards. He is considered to be one of the most popular actors in Nigerian entertainment even in the year 2011 he was honored as a member of the order of the Federal Republic. Most of the time he appears in the role of a child his comedy skills are outstanding.

Osita Iheme Dead Or Alive

These days he is grabbing lots of attention In his career, he has been one of the successful people who had performed barriers roles in a number of movies. So far there is no official news that clarifies that Osita Iheme is dead. Do we can not believe this news it is completely a hoax.

We are requesting to all the readers and netizens do not spread fake news on the internet. It can be a major problem first you should confirm through official reports then you should share it on your social media. For more latest updates keep visiting this site, we will be right back with a new post on the Deathmilitia.

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