Another Life loss news is becoming viral on Twitter and comes in trending searches.  Kevin Ryan Freeman is coming under the top searches on google. People are looking for his biography, Obituary, Death, and more. On the 11th of July, 2021, Kevin Ryan Freeman passed away in Scottsdale, AZ.

Kevin Ryan Freeman Accident

Kevin Ryan Freeman Accident was terrifying news for everyone. People are highly depressed and speechless when they first hear the Kevin Ryan Freeman Accident on July 5th. As per his friends’ statement, he was a beautiful soul personality who has hundreds of friends. His sudden death was the worst news for all of his friends, family, and relatives. One of his friend’s names Ashtin mullett posted beautiful paragraphs on Facebook for deceased Ryan Freeman. She Wrote:

“The expression “Legends Never Die” is misleading.
Everyone saw Ryan as invincible. He has overcome more than anyone’s heart and mind can comprehend. So when my mom called me Monday, July 5th, and told me the news about Ryan’s accident, I was speechless. But by the time I hung up and thought about it, I prayed and figured that somehow he’d make it out of this too. He always did. When she told me Sunday the 11th that he was gone I still thought somehow I would get another update saying he made it. Even after reading everyone’s condolences on Facebook I still felt like somehow he was gonna turn time around and be with us again.”

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“After looking around at what felt like the Junior High School reunion today that no one wanted to be at, I thought “Legends Will Never Be Forgotten” is the more accurate phrase.
Anyone who met Ryan, even 20 years ago, all came to pay their respects today. Again, I haven’t gotten to see him in so long, but I had told multiple stories about Ryan to Andrew over the past few years. Ryan was someone that once you met you always felt like family around him. Heck, there are people out there he never met that felt like his friend. That’s just who Ryan is, a good ole southern boy who had more talent than the average. He could sing like an angel, draw like an angel, and is now up there worshipping with angels.”

“Anyway, my heart and prayers are out there with all of Ryan’s people. That goes way beyond blood he shared with family. Pray for Brennan and Morgan as they cope with losing such a brother, and pray for the people that were Ryan’s family by choice too.”

Kevin Ryan Freeman

Another friend of Ryan Freeman named Karen Ramsey Fontenot

“Kevin “Ryan” Freeman, born September 3, 1993, passed away on July 11, 2021, in Scottsdale, AZ. Mr. Freeman was a one-of-a-kind person, who made it a point to make a better future for himself and others. He grew up with life’s troubles, in the small town of Bush, Louisiana, but would show himself, his family, and the world that big things could happen to small-town people. In 2013, he joined the Marine Corp becoming a helicopter mechanic, to make a difference in today’s country and world. However, as he feared, life pushed him down one last time, but Ryan came back up with a vengeance. After experiencing some downfalls of life, losing both parents, homelessness, heavy drinking, prison, etc., he became a beacon for helping his fellow people. He helped rehabbed new released inmates, trained search and rescue dogs, became an ordained minister, and enrolled in San Diego State University studying human psychology. He pushed pass everything that was meant to break him and used it to better his life and others. After achieving all of this, Ryan stated, “and my last name finally fits me. My final box is checked. I fixed my life. I am a Free Man. I am Free. I can move on. I did it.”

“Ryan leaves behind a girlfriend, Adrianna Secory; one brother, Brennan Freeman and Kaylynn LaCoste; one sister, Morgan Freeman; two aunts: Danie Chavers (Louis Dutel) and Deirdre (Joe) O’Reilly; two uncles, Craig Chavers and Chad (Amanda) Freeman; grandparents, Jane and Billy Gene Jenkins; one nephew, Kade Galloway; four cousins: Lacey (David) Chavers Pechon, Dakota Chavers, Shannon (Sean) Durkin, and Brezlyn Chavers; and a host of other family and a multitude of friends from all over the world.”

“He was preceded in death by his mother, Dolly Jenkins Freeman; his father: Kevin Dewitt Freeman; his grandparents, Shirley Leming and Dewitt Roy Freeman; and one aunt, Tatianna Freeman McClendon.


JUL 23. 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Brown McGehee Funeral Home
610 Ave F
Bogalusa, LA 70427
JUL 23. 2:00 PM
Brown McGehee Funeral Home
610 Ave F
Bogalusa, LA 70427
Cemetery Details
Ponemah Cemetery
1136 Louisiana Ave
Bogalusa, LA 70427″

Ryan Freeman Obituary

Kevin Ryan Freeman was a lovely personality. he will be missed by every single guy and girl who knows him. He was just 28 years old and left this world. His younge age death was a shocking and heartbroken fact for his family’s parents. 

Kevin Freeman Death

Death is uncertain and hard to accept. But nobody can do anything in this. Many of our beloved people left this world at a very young age and Kevin Ryan Freeman is one of them. He died in an accident at age of just 28 years. May God gives peace to his soul. 

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