Recently we found the tragic death of a Young Inspiration soul Kyla Thoms. So many RIP messages are being shared on social media after his death confirmed on 13 August 2021. The cloud of sadness was all over the family members and relatives when they get to know about this. At the press time, we fail to found out the exact cause of his death. Keep reading to know more about Kyla Thoms death, Cause of Death, Age, Net worth, Obituary, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.

Kyla Thoms Obituary

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Kyla Thoms Obituary

“Dark day today finding out you have left us @kyla_thoms deepest condolences to your husband @jason.m.thoms and family. Kyla you were a breath of fresh air sweetheart, amazing friend to me. taken too soon.. My thoughts are with your love ones as tears stream down my face thinking of you… RIP babe-heartbroken 💔”

Here is another heartwarming message from Facebook user:

Kyla Thoms 

Kyla Thoms’s sudden departure from this world has broken down so many hearts. The information about his death is circulated all over the internet. Our team can understand how difficult this time is for the family members and other close relatives to lost such a loving person from the family group. We share our deepest condolences with the family members. on the internet, a lot of people share their unforgettable memories which are glorified by the presence of Kyla Thoms. Here are some heart touching messages we have found on social networking sites:



“My darling friend Kyla Therese Thoms 💕 I am loving seeing my news feed flooded with tributes and memories of you ❤️ I am devo that Facebook deleted your old account on you recently and when I go to our message thread all your voice notes, messages and pics you sent me are all gone 😭 One thing they can’t take away are the memories! Your vibrancy for life, your Infectious laugh, your cheekiness, you always tricking me 🐒 which I know you did yesterday in my home with the random curtain rail flying off the wall and my salt lamp light going on and off, cheers mate 😂 My fav is when you say to me… “Nat just quickly” and an hour later you are still going 😂 it was never a quick convo 😜 It’s so difficult to fathom why and why such a young, beautiful, caring, giving, loving, generous, and all round incredible human was taken and trying to understand what’s happening everywhere at the moment is really breaking my heart 💔 My heart bleeds for your amazing hubby Jason Thoms you guys were stuck like glue, best mates, soul mates and beautiful lovers and this will leave a huge whole in your world, we have your back Jase, anything you need we are all here for you 💙 Fly high my angel 😇 until we meet again 💕” Said, Natalie Bradley

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“Nat, I’m so desperately sorry to hear such heartbreaking news 😢 I didn’t have the honour of knowing Kyla personally but all my thoughts, hugs , energy goes out to all connected to a beautiful soul and a stunning beautiful lady. Anything you need please reach out ♥️♥️♥️”

Cause of Death

“My beautiful angel soul sister, Kyla Therese Thoms. Your heart, soul and light shone too bright for this f#%>ed up world. You were everything a human soul should be, and the Queen of all of our hearts. We are broken, and will remain broken, but your heart’s pain is finally over, sweet, sweet lady. May you now be in peace. I love you. We all loved you. Jason Thoms, we are here with you, and for you always. 💔”



Kyla’s full name was Kyla Therese Thoms. Her age and net worth are not known at this time. Due to a lack of information, we are unable to provide you any more information about her personal and professional life.


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