According to, Recently popular Russian-American photographer Kirill Bichutsky was making news headlines after the rumors of his passing broke out in the public domain. He was best remembered featured in the Netflix series The American Meme.

As Kirill has a massive fan following on the internet it helps the rumors to circulate over a mass scale. For your kind information as of now, there is no official lead confirming him dead. We will discuss more with him so stay with us. 

Who is Kirill Bichutsky?

Kirill is also known as Slut Whisperer is a Russian-born American photographer and entrepreneur from New York. He was born in Moscow but later shifted to Roxbury. After completing high school in 2002 he got a chance to study at William Paterson University on a full scholarship. From an early stage in his life, Kirill decided to become a successful photographer. 

 Kirill Bichutsky Die Of Colonoscopy

Also know: Estee Maria 

He started taking photographs at nightclubs and parties. Later on, when he started gaining popularity he was hired to host different venues. In 2015, He got the chance to feature on Showtime.  He is 37 years old at the time of writing this blog. You can find him active on different social media platforms. Around 223k people follows him on his Instagram handle. 


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Kirill Bichutsky Cause of Death

Following the rumors of his death, internet netizens started asking whether Kirill Bichutsky was dead or still alive?. If you are also wondering with the same question then for your kind information there is no official detail that came out in the context. All the rumors spreading on the internet are personal thoughts. Hearing the Kirill Bichutsky death one social media user wrote “R.I.P kirill bichutsky you will be missed by so many people you never knew who loved you around the world. Love goes out to the family and his beloved partner and friend”

Kirill Bichutsky is Dead

As of now, family members have not shared anything related to Kirill Bichutsky Obituary. It may be possible that his death reports are just a fallacy nothing more. Our team is trying its best to gain further knowledge about him. We let you know when we have enough data to share. AmberNicolee143 reacting to the death reports “I’m Convinced Kirill Bichutsky is not dead and he will come back to Instagram on Easter and say he has resurrected just like Jesus. If not. Then I’ll be very very fucking sad.”

Another said “Not gonna lie, if Kirill Bichutsky is actually dead my heart is gonna sink. If this is just a “joke” I’m gonna be really annoyed, but I really do hope he’s okay…”

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