Recently MathBoi Fly was making headlines after getting arrested in the case of the Waukesha incident. For your kind information, MathBoi is a popular rapper.  He is currently in police custody. The news of his arrest circulated all over the social media platforms. His fans are now in utter confusion over his sudden arrest.  We will share everything in detail and also discuss the Waukesha Parade accident on the charges of which the rapper was taken into custody. 

MathBoi Fly Aka Darrell Brooks

Who Is MathBoi Fly Aka Darrell Brooks?

Darrell E. Brooks is popular with his stage name MathBoi Fly. He was a rapper by profession based in America lives on 19th street in Milwaukee. Although the exact date of birth is unknown some sources claim it to be 39 years old.

“The suspect was implicated as 39-year-old BLK man DarreII Edwards Brooks Jr, also known as Mathboi Fly as a rapper, who has a history of convictions from the battery, obstructing an officer, drug possession, domestic abuse, disorderly conduct,”

There is no Wikipedia page on his name available on the internet. MathBoi is recently in news after being accused of severe crimes and later arrested.

MathBoi Fly Arrested

MathBoi Fly is considered to be the prime suspect in the case of the Waukesha Accident that happened on November 21,  2021. The accident where more than a dozen of people including children severely injured due to being hit by a rad SUV.

Later when the investigation took place it was found that the vehicle belongs to the rapper. The presence of the Red SUV in his one music video confirmed the police doubt further.

Waukesha Parade accident 

On November 21, a severe accident took place on a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A red color speeding SUV car fall down breaking the fence and drove into the crowded place.

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The accident was so horrific that 12 children and 11 elderly people got serious injuries. And there are some reports claiming some dead in the fatal hit but the exact numbers remain undisclosed. The Red SUV was later founded to be owned by Darrell Brooks. HIs past records are not so clean as back from 1999 he had been charged with so many crimes including bail jumping, marijuana possession, etc. 

A Facebook account with Absent-Minded as name wrote  “The Milwaukee area man who drove his SUV into children at a Christmas parade Sunday is a Soundcloud rapper, Darrell E. Brooks, aka “Mathboi Fly.”

His music gets maybe a 3/10; for a good vocal presence but lazy and generic lyrics. But then I knock off 3 points because he murders children, so 0/10.

Prayers for God’s healing for all of the families affected by this wasted life.”

How Social Media React?

One wrote on Facebook “Yes this is Darrell Brooks aka Mathboi Fly rapping with a gun in front of the same vehicle used in a mass homicide. Case closed I’d say”

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