A Young woman named Lindsey Villanueva has recently come in the Trending list when her demise news goes public on the internet. Social media platforms especially Facebook are flooded with Tribute paid by hundreds of closed once including her friends, family, and followers. People were really upset because of losing a lovely person. We will learn the complete story of her Demise in the article.

Lindsey Villanueva

Who is Lindsey Villanueva?

Lindsey Villanueva was a 34 years old beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. She has a loving husband and 5 children in her family. For netizens, Lindsey is not less than an angel on earth. Every year she made it her mission to hold a coat drive for kids in the community who needed them. Lindsey was also a lovely teacher by profession. Her husband Tony Villanueva confirmed her Demise on Social media. We also found Lindsey’s Facebook Profile.

Lindsey Villanueva Death

Lindsey was a lovely angel on the earth. Her Demise news brokes the heart of many. She left behind her husband and 5 children who were very young. We pray for the Peace of Lindsey’s soul. This is really heartbroken to accept that a 5 babies mum has left them and never comes back. Lindsey Villanueva Cause of Death is still out of clue for our team now but we are working on collecting more information on this. One Facebook user who is claiming to be stepmom of Lindsey reveals that she had a surgery a few days back. Although we don’t have any update about the surgery yet.

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She Wrote on Facebook:

“Update on my stepdaughter, Lindsey Villanueva. She is out of surgery and it went well. She still has a long road ahead of her. All of your prayers are working! I feel that I have truly watched a miracle of God right before my eyes in the last 24 hours. Please keep the prayers coming! So much love to all of you for praying for her and her family. ❤️❤️

Lindsey is an incredibly strong woman and has been fighting so hard. The road ahead will be long and it won’t be easy, but if anyone can win this fight, it’s Lindsey!”

Husband Tony Villanueva

Tony Villanueva is the husband of miss Lindsey Villanueva who confirms the Demise news of her wife on Social media. You can check out the Facebook profile here. In the Facebook post, he wrote:

“My heart is broken. Heaven gained the most beautiful angel today. I’m lost without you. I will always love you and I will never let you or our babies down. You are amazing and you put up one hell of a fight. Rest In Peace, I’ll take it from here. ❤️

We Don’t have any information about the 5 babies of Lindsey Villanueva yet but we will find it soon. One Closed friend of Lindsey wrote on facebook:

Lindsey Villanueva, you beautiful angel. God called you home today. You will be so missed down here. You were nothing short of perfect. An amazing Mom, friend and wife. My heart aches for your 5 adorable babies, your husband and family. Rest In Peace ❤️

Please hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. Because life is short. Life is so precious.”
Lindsey Villanueva
Another Said:
“Oh Lindsey Villanueva…my heart aches. You were one of the most beautiful, genuine, and strongest women I’ve ever known. You made being a mom look effortless, even to those babies you cared for daily who weren’t actually your babies, mine included. Your love was a love that could not be matched and your caring soul was one that can not be replaced. Thank you for teaching me to let go of the silly things, to trust my gut instincts, to love with my whole heart, and to give anything I am able to anyone who might need it. I will miss you my friend and look forward to seeing you again someday. ❤️

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