Recently a heavy loss of a beautiful soul personality Rickey Smiley Niece Micah White come to hear. This news makes the whole Reddit and Twitter social media platform Shocked. Losing a beautiful soul personality at a young age is really painful and difficult to accept. But nobody can deny the truth. Here on this blog, we were going to discuss more Rickey Smiley Niece Micah White Death, his cause of death, obituary, age, and more.

Rickey Smiley Niece Micah White

Micah White Death

Recently Rickey Smiley, the popular YouTuber who has around 500k subscribers posted a Video on the Death of his Niece with the title of “Devastating Loss For My Family” in the video, some memories of him with his niece is shown. As per the sources, his niece Micah White’s age is 31 years. She died very soon and this is the worst thing that happens with Rickey Smiley. In the Caption of the Video, He Said: “Pray for my family! My dear niece Micah White (31) passed away. We went to Bimini a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved her. I’m devastated.” This shows that Rickey Smiley is totally upset due to the death of his niece Micah White. May God gives peace to her soul.

Rickey Smiley Niece Micah White Cause of Death

Sudden Death of Micah White makes everyone upset. Even Because rickey was a popular Internet personality, he has many loyal followers who also get upset from this news. Thousands of followers were paying tribute and passing condolence on social media on the death of Micah White. Rickey Smiley also post a short Post on Facebook with the caption of “Pray for my family! My dear niece Micah White (31) passed away. We went to Bimini a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved her. I’m devastated.”

The exactMicah White Cause of Death is not yet revealed on the internet from any official sources. and we don’t want to encourage rumors that’s why we are not updating any Death cause of Micah White until we get confirmation from any official Source.

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The Sudden Death of any beloved personality is heartbroken. As we are not able to totally understand the mental health of Micah White’s family this time but still we are passing condolences to them. this is all we can do. May God Gives peace to her soul;. Here are some heart touching comments from the supports of Rickey Smiley:

Janice Adams-King Said: “I am so sorry to learn that your beautiful young vibrant niece was taken way to soon. May God be the refuge and strength for you, your family, and her dear friends. May she Rest In Peace and may the beautiful memories of your dear niece provide some comfort to all who knew and loves her.”

Patricia Chisolm Wrote: “Oh my so sorry for your loss my condolence to you and your family keep your head up and know that God is with you and will always be with you”

Audra Washington Said: “So sorry for the loss of your dear family member. I pray God gives you strength, patience, wisdom and understanding to get thru this hard trying time.”

Beverly Brown-Myers Wrote: “First, I’m extremely sorry for your loss. I’ve lost so many people in the past yr. and a few months. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. The only way this hasn’t broken me is the love and comfort from God. I will pray for your family. #dontbeafraidtoseekhelpifneeded.”

Quesa Berryman Said: “This is why you should live everyday like your last making memories that will last. My deepest condolences to you and your family Rickey Smiley”

Josephine Murdock Said: “So sorry for the loss of your dear niece Rickey. May God wrap you and your family in the comfort of his loving and capable arms.”

Samone Price Said: “Family time is sooooo important because we never know when it will be our last time and even tho it hurts, the sweet memories that we have of them help us thru our grieving journey!! Prayers to you and your family at this devastating time”

Sonnie Gresham Said: “Take comfort that she is in the presence of the Father🙏🏽 The time you had with her a few weeks ago was a divine plan. May the grace and comfort of God be with you and the family”

Lafreda Gales Said: “Rickey I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family. Not sure if you could see the water angel behind the boat where your neice was sitting. “

Donna Dixon Said: “Jesus wrap your arms around Rickey and Family give them the strength to get through An Angel Gained Her Wings Now Take Your Rest”


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