Monica Villaseñor, 55, Voice of Android 18 Dragon Ball Super is Dead. Monica Villaseñor Wikipedia, Age, Cause of Death, Net worth, Obituary:

Our team is mourning the death of the popular Mexican actress Monica Villaseñor. She was famous for her efficient dubbing of Spanish versions of cartoons and shows. She was 55 years old at the time of her death. The death of the actress is mourned by thousands of her fan following from all over the world. Social media platforms are flooded with tributes and condolence messages. Our team also extends the deepest condolence to her family member who just lost a precious member. Keep reading to explore more about her. 

Who was Monica Villaseñor?

Monica Villaseñor was a Mexican actress. She dubbed so many popular cartoon shows. She is best known for her work in the Dragon Ball Super, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, and Sakura Card Captor. She was born on November 29, 1966, and was 55 years old at the time of her unfortunate passing. Monica has a huge fan following on the internet. She has mass contribution in the cartoon dubbing of Spanish versions of shows.

“Monica Villaseñor was the dubbing actress who played the main antagonist of the anime: Shaman King of the year 2002.

This character was one of his most known and possibly one of his most loved, almost 20 years later Netflix would bring the bending of the new adaptation more faithful to the Manga which was made in 2002, because of this there was a movement by fans to make sure original voices return to their characters.”

People specially youth enjoy her dubbing which sounds genuine in comparison to others.  Her dedication and passion for her work led her to new milestones in life. Her husband Hector Miranda, who is a voice actor died in 2018 due to a heart attack. After which her health started deteriorating. She even cancel many social gatherings last year due to the sudden fall in her health. 


“Today the dubbing actress Monica Villaseñor passed away, highlighted for lending her voice to the android 18 of Dragon Ball, Tomoyo of Sakura card captor, and sailor starfighter in Sailor Moon, without a doubt the world of anime and Mexican dubbing is in mourning.”

Monica Villaseñor Death

The saddening news of Monica Villaseñor Death broke out on 2nd February 2022. Following the news, thousands of tributes and condolence poured on social media. No doubt her death is a big loss to the industry. In her long successful career, she entertained and contribute a lot to the field which is totally unforgettable. She was a hardworking and passionate woman whenever it comes to her work. the reason behind her sudden passing is still not clear. Our team is working hard to collect further details on the same. And will shortly update you when we have enough data.  

One said reacting to her death “In dubbing, she is recognized for being the voice of Hao Asakura in Shaman King, Tomoyo Daidōji in Sakura Card Captors, Cerebrín in Hamtaro, and Sailor Star Fighter in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. It was the newest voice of Android 18, after bowing it for the first time in the thirteenth Dragon Ball Z: The Final Battle; would take back the character in Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final chapters and then in Dragon Ball Super, consolidating be as your voice is stable until your passing away on February 2, 2022.”

Fans Mourn her Death

Many social media users mourn the loss of Monica through writing heartfelt messages. 

La maestra Otaku commented “We regret to announce the passing of the actress Monica Villaseñor😔 we send our condolences to all his loved ones and to the fans of dubbing  Rest in peace”

“rest in peace Monica Villasignor your voice will always be remembered by millions of people”


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