In this blog, we are going to explore Mzee Kibor who is Men’s Conference chairman. He was trending on the internet after rumors of his death broke out in the public domain. As he was a popular personality with the mass fan following his sudden demise rumors created a kind of buzz on the platforms. Although as of now there is no official notice that came out in the context.  If you are here to gain detailed knowledge of the Jackson Kibor then stay with us till the end to not miss a single update. 

Mzee Kibor Dead or Alive

Who was Mzee Kibor?

As per the sources, Mzee Kibor is Men’s Conference Chairman. he is a Veteran Politician, Eldoret-based businessman & Farmer, a Marriage & Divorce Expert & Founder of the Men’s Conference. Although his exact age is not known to us at the moment some rumors confirmed that he is in his 80s. Not much about his personal life is revealed in the public domain. There is no Wikipedia page related to his personal details available on the internet. Also, he has never shared his personal stuff on any of his social media handles. Talking about his social media accounts, you can find him on Twitter where around 789 people follow him at the time of writing this article. 

Mzee Kibor Dead or Alive

Mzee Jackson Kibor was making news headlines after the rumors of his death circulated all over the internet. Following the news, people started sharing condolence and tributes messages to mourn the passing of Mzee. When our team went a little deeper we found nothing authentic or official base behind these theories. It may be possible that all these rumors are just fallacy nothing more to create buzz. The rumors claiming him dead did not specify the reason. This further creates suspicion over the same. 

Mzee Kibor Dead or Alive

Invalidating the rumors, his sister Peninah Kibor confirmed his sound health. She informed the public by sharing messages on her social handle. The origin of the fake reports is still not clear. Condemning the same Lemiso Sato Emmanuel wrote “There’s a fake story doing rounds online claiming that Mzee Jackson Kibor (Chairman) has passed on. Mzee is alive and kicking, he’s at home(confirmed). The rumor should be condemned in the strongest words possible.”

Our team is monitoring the situation and will keep you updated with the latest news and facts in the future. 

Mzee Kibor Dead or Alive

Jackson Kibor death update

The death news shocked many of his fans following. Getting the saddened news Ekal Ekal said “A huge loss to BoyChild and the Kalenjin Community – the Chairman is gone, we loved him but God did it more.

Mzee Jackson Kibor was a gifted, visionary, and incredibly hardworking leader. He served the society with distinction and passion, mostly advancing in morals teachings, and song naturing. We will miss his novel ideas that lifted the lives of many people .”

“Renowned Men’s Conference chairman Mzee Jackson Kibor is ALIVE and WELL. His daughter, Peninah Kibor has confirmed, condemning rumors of his demise being peddled on social media as fake and reckless.”

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