Many Rappers recently came into the social media spotlight but the reason is not because of any song or some kind of recently released song, instead because of their leaked videos and inappropriate clips they were into the spotlight. The reason for woo Lotti trend is almost the same, according to the sources, his death video is surfacing on the internet and trending among the netizens. The talented Music star Woo Lotti is getting huge condolence and his fan base is completely shocked after getting the video viral. Go through the complete article with DeathMilitia.Com and get all updates on the sudden tragedy of Woo Lotti’s Death.

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti Death Video on Twitter

Sudden Viral Death Video of Woo Lotti shocked the entire internet community, as the Young Rapper has a very decent number of followers and fan base in the online community and his sudden death is something that is not small news. The Death video of the young musical star is first posted on Twitter and later goes trending on other social media platforms. The video gains massive attention on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. The internet users were showing their interest as the video featured the killing of a young Rapping star. And many of his followers and supporters were paying tribute and sharing condolence on social media.

His fans and supporters were completely shocked and eagerly looking for the Reason for death. People were claiming Rapper Woo Lotti is being killed by anonymous people for an unknown reason. Some sources were claiming that a young Rap star was killed at the age of 17 years only but the information is very blurry as of now. We will go through the complete biography information of Woo Lotti in the below section.

Woo Lotti

Who is Woo Lotti?

The young rapper Woo Lotti whose real name is Glen Cole and whose age is 17 years old at the time of his death has become a controversial topic on the internet. Social media posts confirmed that the rapper was found dead by the New York Police department in Bronx, NYC. After a detailed investigation, the found person has been identified as Glen aka Woo Lotti. Police have found that there w2ere 4 people involved in the murder of Woo Lotti and no one is identified as of now even the reason for his killing is also unknown. 

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti Murder Investigation Update

Investigation Reports also said that the possibilities of YGz involvement in the killing of Woo Lotti but the information is not yet confirmed by any official source. During the investigation, police have caught two suspects in the case of Woo Lotti murder.  28 years old man and another is 16 years old. People were also demanding justice for the murder of a young growing rapper and it seems that police were doing their work perfectly and with full passion. 

The name and identification of suspect arrested in this case is has not been revealed as of now but we will do our best to update our audience if we get anything on that matter. Stay tuned with 

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