Recently united states Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebe and his wife were charged with espionage and were arrested. He was alleged with sharing some confidential information with an unknown foreign country. And some sources also claim that in return he was going to receive 70000$ in cryptocurrency as a reward. It was also stated Jonathan’s wife Diana was also a part of the picture. Immediately after authorities identified this  Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the couple for violating countries law.

Who Is Jonathan Toebe?

Jonathan Toebe was a nuclear engineer at US Navy. Currently, he was 42 years old and survived by his wife Diana Toebe. And the couple was living in Annapolis, Maryland for a very long time.  He went to Emory University and graduate in Physics & Mathematics. Later he attended the Colorado School of Mines and begged nuclear engineering degree. If you ask about Diana Toebe then for your kind information she is 49 years old and is a teacher by profession.

Jonathan And Diana Toebe Arrested

Jonathan Toebe and his wife Diana were arrested recently after they were charged with sharing secret Navy information with another foreign country that is unidentified yet. The information about espionage was first exposed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. It was said that the couple was sharing the nuclear warship design information for more than a year with a foreign country. Jonathan Toebe arrested when he was dumping an SD card containing sensitive details.

someone wrote on Twitter “Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebe, 42, and wife, Diana, 49, were charged Saturday with selling secret information to an unidentified foreign country The classified information contained military secrets, specifically on the nuclear Virginia-class submarines”

Navy Engineer Jonathan Toebe With Diana

Charged With Espionage

FBI agent unveiled how Jonathan Toebe accompanied his wife dump the SD Card storing confidential information of military and navy into a peanut butter sandwich. The undercovered federal agent also disclosed that the couple was secretly collecting information for a very long time.

Paul Moore reacted to the arrest news  “Mrs & Mrs. Jonathan Toebe: When you are convicted you should be mercifully and publicly executed with your remains left for the birds and dogs to pick at dangling from a pike! May any title, lands, and wealth be stripped from you with your remains (what’s left after the animal’s feed) be cast at sea outside the territorial waters of the United States of America.”

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Net Worth Explored

Now let’s talk about Jonathan Toebe’s salaried details. According to Linkedin the average base salary of a nuclear submarines officers in the united states is $90,000 annually. Besides his salary, it was revealed that Jonathan holds a good lump sum in bitcoin in his wallet.

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