WYCO Racing CEO Toby Vitatoe has left his world recently. The shocking news for the entire WYCO fan community has been confirmed on social media spaces. Although the circumstances around his death do still not clear. There is no official statement from family members to clarify the reason for his unexpected death. According to his Facebook profile, Toby has also worked at  KC Maxx Performance.

There are a decent amount of followers on his social media platforms.  Our sympathy goes with the family member and close relatives who are deeply shattered by this news. People also sharing condolence and tributes through messages on Facebook, Twitter. Some well-known personalities associate with racing also paid tributes. we will discuss everything in detail so keep reading till the end.

Toby Vitatoe

Who was Toby Vitatoe?

Toby Vitatoe was a resident of  Kansas City, Kansas, the third-largest city in the united states. He was well known for being the CEO of WYCO Racing. Toby studied at  Johnson County Community College.

He also Went to Shawnee Mission Northwest High for his further education. According to his Facebook profile, he was a member of KC Maxx Performance. After KC Maxx, in January 2020 he joined Honda of tiffany springs. His propensity towards racing brought so much fame and name into his life.

If you asked about his followers on social media then on Facebook he has  1,111 people as his followers at this time. we have already provided the Facebook link in the above para.

Toby Vitatoe Death

Toby Vitatoe Death was a huge loss to WYCO Racing. No doubt his unexpected death has shattered down so many hearts. Racing fans in Kansas City are deeply upset with this. And this can be easily seen through the mourning messages are being sent on the different social media platforms. Toby Vitatoe several colleague shares some heartwarming memories.

Because this is all they have now.  KCOR street comments “KCOR wants to send prayers to Toby Vitatoe’s family and the Wyco racing family! Kansas City has lost a major part of our racing scene. Rest easy we all know you’re running the light up there brother.”

How Did Toby Vitatoe Die?

Toby Vitatoe Cause of death is still a question mark. The notices or reports shared on social media only claim his death but nobody talked about the circumstances around his death. Our Deathmilita.com network taking pains to garners more information to clears your every doubt.

There are rumors on the internet claiming different theories but as there is no proper detail from family, we can’t follow these rumors. Hence keep us following to update yourself from authentic and precise facts.

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Toby will be missed so much for his contribution to the street racing world. One said on Facebook “Toby Vitatoe man I was deeply saddened by the hearing of your passing. You were a legit dude! I’m not sure when we met, but that doesn’t matter. You were a solid dude that was always excited to see me and the car! You knew I couldn’t street cause of my job, but never once excluded me from hanging out! Now most everyone talks about that, you were the street guy! But we spent more time talking music and monster trucks! We had some great convos of all the bands and shows we seen! You will be deeply missed brother! I’ll crank some Pantera for ya! Rest well my friend!”

Kevin reacted to the death “u always have nothing but positive stuff to say and that’s why u was the best for the job u did and that was making sure us Kansas City motorheads had somewhere to race finding new spots man what a blast it was to have met u and enjoy the passion we both had to tell me to meet again … race in paradise Toby And tell Corey Van Gordon’s miss him too…”

Another said “Rest In Peace Toby! The streets will never are the same without you buddy! You have no idea how big of an impact you had on so many lives. You will truly be missed!”


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Toby Vitatoe’s obituary details are not made public yet. We will announce it once we have enough details. There is no question in the fact that his death is a great loss to street racing. His contribution to street racing can’t be forgotten. “I’m truly lost for words….. Street racing will never be the same! Toby Vitatoe wasn’t just a part of street racing he was street racing. Toby influenced and opened the door for so many street racers around the country. Toby made his history by putting together the biggest illegal Cashdays in U.S history! The street’s won’t be the same without you buddy I honestly don’t know what else to say at this time. Rest in peace Toby Vitatoe you will be missed more than any words can explain”



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