Social media is heartbroken watching the suicide video of popular American singer Paris Lane. The video shortly got viral on the different social media spaces especially TikTok after the first posted.  The reason behind the stringent step taken by the 22-year-old musician is still a mystery. The matter is now investigating by Internal Affairs Bureau and other authorities.  Stay tuned to discover more about the whole incident.

Who Was Paris Lane?

Paris Lane was a 22 years old singer based in America. He was popular in America for his amazing songs and heart-touching lyrics. Paris did not have a Wikipedia page on the internet. Also, we are unable to find out his social media handles. It may be possible that he was not comfortable in sharing his personal stuff in the public. There may be some other reason which we don’t know at the moment.

Singer Paris Lane Suicide Video

Paris Lane Footage

Paris was trending recently when his suicide video spread on the internet like wildfire. Paris Lane’s suicide video on TikTok is a heartwrenching incident for his entire fan base. Thousand of social media users mourn the demise of their favorites singer.

In the video, one can clearly see Paris Lane standing in front of the elevator with a girl. The identity of that female is not revealed by any source yet. Some rumors claim her to be his girlfriend but we can’t validate her due to a lack of facts.

Paris kissed and hug the girl and waited for the elevator to take her. And then he draws out a 9-millimeter handgun from his pocket and committed suicide at the place. Later he was founded dead by the people came across. The shocking video is as horrifying as a dark dream.

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No one has ever expected a 22-year-old popular singer will end his life in this way. Some reports on the internet claim Lane was suffering from mental trauma and that is why he decided to end everything. But there is still no authentic information that came out in this respective.

As mentioned American authorities are examining the 45 seconds Paris Lane CCTV footage. And we believe very soon we will come across with further secrets in the matter.


Paris Lane Death

Many fans took their social media accounts to mourns the unexpected demise. Our team also paid the deepest tribute and share condolences with the family member. May his soul rest in peace. One  wrote reacting to the suicide video “Just accidentally saw the Paris lane video, heartbroken, I can feel his pain”

Veronica (vee) shares a message through his Twitter account “RIP Paris Lane I feel ur pain every day of my life it hurts to have nobody”

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