Robert Hart is been trending on Social media. People were excited to know about Kevin Hart Brother, is Robert Hart dead or alive?

Recently Robert Hart is trending on the internet. He is the brother of Kevin Hart who is a popular actor and comedian. People are searching for him, after Kevin’s new Netflix series ‘True Story’.  He describes the personal life of his brother in interviews.

There are also some rumors surfacing online mentioning Robert got arrested after the murder. We will discuss everything in detail about him. so keep reading till the end to discover more.

Who is Robert Hart?

Robert Hart is the elder brother of famous actor Kevin. Both were raised by a mother, Nancy Hart, in poor condition as a father is addicted to cocaine and often indulges in police charges. Later due to lack of good guidance, Robert joined a gang involved in smuggling and small theft.

Later he cut down his links with the gang members and shifted his focus towards becoming a professional pool player. And thanks to his hard work and dedication, he achieved his dream. Robert was played for many tournaments sponsored by TC Bandages and Predator Cues. You can find him on Instagram with around 54k followers at the time of writing this article.

He wrote by sharing the images of his daughter “I swear, I bust out lol every time I see this picture with my youngest nephew. Can’t wait to chase his little ass around again”


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In one of his posts, he said “Figured it’s October & in recognizing breast cancer awareness… I just wanted to show some love to all the females during my practice session, while having some fun with it

Shoot all the balls in sequence while only using the bottom two corner pockets, without touching the bottom rail”


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Is Kevin Hart’s brother still alive?

Kevin Hart Brother Robert’s death news was surfacing online after a person with the same name got arrested over the murder charges. We have no authentic reports giving base to the rumors of Robert’s death.

As mentioned he has already drawn his hand from these kinds of activities many years before.  Our team is regularly checking for further information about the matter. We will update you if anything new came up.




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