We are saddened to notify you that recently there are lots of rumors around on the internet saying Zimbabwe’s country lose a self-proclaimed prophet Passion Java. The news of his death was cleared from many sources. Some sources claim that he died in a car accident. Some followers on social media mourn the death. Social media outpours with condolence and tributes. At the same time, there is some social media account declaring all these death as just a fallacy nothing more. We will talk more about him further in this article so keep reading.

passion java

Who Was Passion Java?

Passion Java was a Zimbabwe-based self-proclaimed prophet born on 28 October 1988. He emerged as a new Pentecostal church religious leader in the past decade. He had founded the Java Ministries and Kingdom Embassy church. In Feb 2016 Java married Lily Tsegaye. Before her, he had a son with his first wife Prophetess Yasmin. But the relation did not last long and they separated in 2015. His net worth is not disclosed by any source yet. From his rich lifestyle, one can easily predict that the evaluation of the net assets crosses the millions dollar mark. You can find him on Instagram on which he has around 458k followers.

Is Passion Java Dead 

There is no official confirmation of his death turned up in the public yet. On the internet, there are some sources claiming Passion Java Death due to a terrible car accident. But due to the lack of legit facts, we can’t provide you any further confirmation. Our team is on the job to make the confusion clear as soon as possible. 


Nevanji wrote on Twitter “You know you have been effective and hit them hard when they start making up accidents for you and writing fake stories about your death. The goal here wasn’t @PassionJava, it was to make it look like his assumed association with ED killed him. Havanyari ava…uncultured swine!”

How Did Passion Java die?

Sources on the internet said that Passion Java’s cause of death in a car accident. On the social media spaces, people seem to be a little bit confused.  we will update you later when we are successful in garnering more facts.


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