Perry 105 has been a matter of discussion after she was brutally harassed and assaulted. Perry 1056 who is a Tiktoker and post a video using the slogan of Neo-Noir Development (NBM) due to which she gets into serious trouble. She was assaulted and physically beaten up by the NBM men. The man also posts the video of the incident on her TikTok handle. When we searched the video then found out that not even a single video is now available on her handle. Keep reading to know more about the incident.

Who Is Perry 1056?

Perry was a Tiktoker know with the Perry 1056 on her TikTok account. She was based in Nigeria. On her TikTok handle, she was followed by approx 5k people. Her personal information was kept secret by her. It may be possible that she was not comfortable sharing her personal stuff in the public. Perry was in trouble after she made a Tiktok video on a certain cultist’s anthem. Aftermath of which the cult of the specific group takes the same as defamation and attack her brutally when they get the opportunity.

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Perry 1056 Tiktok Video

Perry 1056 Tiktok video proved to be hazardous for her. In the images and videos shared all over the internet, she was clearly seen in a very vulnerable situation. The brutality of the woman is widely protested on social media. People demanding immediate arrest of the culprit.

“After Tiktoker Perri1056 got t0rtured by Black Axe cultists for doing a Tik Tok video using the cultists’ slang and hand signatures, Harrison Gwamishu led an Edo State police investigation team that resulted in the arrest of one of the cultist (Smart) who also revealed names and location of other Aye cultists”

The cult stripped her naked for making the video and posting it on TikTok. there are some rumors on social media claiming her dead. The reason behind the death was shared to be torture and assault by Black Axe cultists. But as we don’t have enough information at the moment. We can’t validate any of the statements. Our team is working to collect more facts from authentic sources.


Social Media Reaction

Christopher Chanda wrote on Facebook “these stuff of doing TikTok challenges in the name of wanting the likes and followers someone has been murdered. It’s not everything that you see is for fun, other people are watching you and you don’t know what can happen to you. Use social media wisely” 

One said “God will surely bring justice, perry I felt so sad about you, what you did was not good by trying to be what you are not….but you don’t deserve the treatment given to you…those hoodlums called cultists that killed you will not see peace in there entire generations… their death will be worst than urs”


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