EFF leader Phillip Mhlongo has passed away on November 30. Fans mourn the death of Phillip Mhlongo checkout his obituary.

Our team has just found saddening news,  the sudden passing of EFF leader Phillip Mhlongo. The news of his death was confirmed by many sources on November 30. He was the Provincial Secretary at Congress Of The People. So far there is no information on the circumstances around his death. Many people took their social media accounts to mark their respect by sharing tributes and deep condolences over the death of honest politicians.

Phillip has a huge fan following in the public. His contribution to the south African nation can’t be ignored. We will discuss some more about his personal and professional life later in this blog.

Phillip Mhlongo EFF member

Who Is Phillip Mhlongo?

Phillip Mhlongo was Umsinga, KwaZulu-based South African parliament member. He was born to a Christian family. Mhlong completed his diploma in law He has also worked in EFF Provincial Command Team. He had a great role in expanding EFF in the province of Umsinga. Phillip was also served in  Umkhoto we Sizwe (MK) in 1986. “Fighter Phillip will be remembered for his discipline, love for his country, and diligent service for the South African people as an EFF MP. “

In one of his tweets, he wrote “This Lord’s Prayer kicks in under such circumstances. Judgment is not for me but for the creator of the universe. I fought against apartheid but agreed to nation-building and I knew was not an easy task”

Mhlongo said in one interview how the overall image of EFF become better after its introduction in parliament. He has Twitter accounts on which around 2,959 people follow him. 

Johann Abrie expresses his inner feeling by posting on Facebook: “I hear this morning of the passing of former EFF MP Phillip Mhlongo, a man I knew very well for more than 15 years. Someone I have had absolutely nothing in common and with whom I disagreed on almost everything, ever since the days we were founding members of COPE.

But Phillip had such a sharp mind and he was a powerhouse of history, a razor-sharp political commentator, and an expert on current affairs. When he called into a radio station while a debate was already on, you knew that all hell was about to break lose. He would quickly correct the panelists, point out inaccuracies in the debate and put them firmly in place with their flimsy arguments and then he would fire away on a factual crusade.”

Phillip Mhlongo Death

Sadly the Phillip Mhlongo passed away on November 30, according to many sources. His death leads break so many hearts. Our team shared the sincerest condolences with the family members of late EFF members. We pray his soul rest in peace. So far there is no information about the cause of his death. We are still searching for more information and will update you further.

Economic Freedom Fighters official Facebook handle shared his death news

One said following the news came out “Another reason why voters dump ANC watch how racist whites laugh at Phillip Mhlongo’s medical conditions and the speaker who comes from ANC defend them. RIP Phillip Mhlongo “

How did social media react to EFF Leader’s death?

Social media flooded with mourning and tributes messages shared following the news got public. One wrote “Oh man I’m truly heartbroken. I had hoped we meet in person, as I wanted to share a few points with him that made me admire him as a person and as a fighter. RIP to Njomane and condolences to the family and all loved ones in and out of the revolutionary party.”



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