15-year-old boy Ethan Crumbly from Oxford Michigan has been arrested as a suspect in Oxford Michigan Shooting. Parent’s details. 

Ethan Crumbly is a 15-year-old sophomore who is in custody and is uncooperative to tell the motive behind the murder. Ethan Crumbly is the suspect in the Oxford Michigan Shooting Incident. His name is circulating on Social media and people are curious to know that was he the killer of three students. We will learn more about Ethan Crumbly in the article later.

Oxford Michigan Shooting

Who is Ethan Crumbly?

In the Michigan Shooting Incident Three people were killed and eight wounded, including a teacher who was taken to hospitals with various injuries. This is another shooting incident in an American high school. According to the sources, a firing took place inside Oxford High School in suburban Detroit on Tuesday. Sources revealed that Ethan Crumbly, from the Oxford, Michigan shooting incident, is the active shooter.

One Twitter User Wrote:

“This is the Oxford School Shooter Ethan Crumbley This is the Schools Fault. Especially Since the school had sent out multiple E-mails disregarding threats multiple times THIS MONTH alone. #oxfordhighschool”

Ethan crumbly Oxford Michigan Shooting

A 15-year-old sophomore is taken into custody without causing any problem and handed the gun. But he was uncooperative when asked about the motive behind this. Investigation revealed that  Ethan Crumbly shot some 20 rounds, leaving three people dead, all students. They were a 16-year-old boy, a 14-year-old girl, and a 17-year-old girl whose identities had not been released. Something like this can never be expected from a 15-year-old buy.

In Addition to this,  eight people who were wounded, including a teacher, were taken to hospitals with various injuries. Six people were stable, two were in surgery late Tuesday afternoon, and their conditions were unclear. News is circulating on Social media platforms and people pay tribute to the dead people and pray for the recovery of the injured.

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A boy Bryant said he had heard vague threats for a long time about plans for a shooting at the school. The incident with the deer head might have been related to Tuesday’s shooting. School administrators posted two letters to parents on the school’s website this month. They said they were responding to rumors of a threat against the school following a bizarre vandalism incident.


Ethan Crumbley Parents

The Teenager  Ethan was under arrest, as he has been the suspect in the shooting in Oxford School in Michigan on Tuesday. People were looking for the parent’s details of young children. Our Sources have found some details regarding Ethan’s parents, Ethan’s father is James Crumbley. Ethan is under custody now, and his father and mother were visiting him in the police departments. Not much is known about his family background, but he is of white descent and dwells near, Oxford School area. Ethan Crumbley Mother Is Jennifer Crumbley. Currently much about his family is not available we just know their name right now. 

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