There are so many rumors surfacing on the internet related to the death of British producer, writer, and voice actress, Britt Allcroft. The origin of her death hoax is Wikipedia update by anonymous which claimed her to be no more. But Britt herself clears about the same by a Facebook comment. We will discuss more the issue. So keep reading to get your answers.

Who is Britt Allcroft? Wikipedia

Britt Allcroft was born on 14 December 1943 as Hilary Mary Allcroft in Worthing, West Sussex, England. She is a director, producer, writer, and voice actress. Also, she was known for creating the children’s television series Thomas & Friends,  Shining Time Station. She married Angus Wright and was blessed with two children but they both decided to divorced. At the current time, Britt is on the advisory council of  Southern California Public Radio.

Is Britt Allcroft Dead or Alive?

Britt Allcroft was trending after the rumors of her death spread on different social media platforms. So many share RIP and mourning messages without even checking the source of the news and this leads to further expansion of the rumors. The origin of her death hoax started from the false editing of the Wikipedia page of Britt. In which the actress was declared dead due to some reason. Britt Allcroft has already cleared the truth of the rumor by posting a message on Facebook. So now you need not pay heed to those rumors if you come across them.

Here is a Wikipedia page declaring her dead


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“People are falsely editing Wikipedia to say Britt Allcroft has died. She replied to a Facebook comment 30min ago. Don’t believe everything you see online.”

One wrote on facebook “Whoever decided to edit Britt Allcroft’s Wikipedia page to act as if she died, fuck you! Death is not a joke and the fact that some people think this is funny is so fucked up! All you deserve is this: Reversed hand with middle finger extended”


Britt Allcroft Facebook

Britt Allcroft is active on Facebook. and she recently comments some hours after the death rumors which further falsify the rumors. “For those wondering, Britt Allcroft is still alive. And to the person who thought it was funny to pull such a sick stunt, you oughta be really ashamed of yourself. It should be illegal to pull such a deplorable prank.”

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