A Texas teacher who was titled Teacher of the year, Randi Chaverria, is in spotlight. Know more about Texas teacher Randi Chaverria:

A piece of Shocking news is recently hit the internet hard. According to the news, A Texas teacher named Randi Chaverrai was arrested for sexual offenses in 2019. Her name is circulating on the internet especially on social media. People were curious to know more about the Teacher Of The Year. Be on the article to get all about the Arrested teacher Randi Chaverria.

Teacher of the year

Who is Randi Chaverria?

Randi Chavarria is a 36 years old Texas teacher who recently got viral when news of her sexual relationship with her student comes in front of everyone. She was a Round Rock High School family and consumer science teacher. According to the sources, She was accused of performing fellatio on a student in his class. When the school administration first received the report, she had already elected to leave.

The incident was first notified to the school authority on November 18. Later on, HR called Chaverria in the morning of Tuesday, November 19, and offered her resignation. She later turned herself into the Williamson County Jail, where she was accused of having an improper connection with a student. However, she was released on bond after turning herself in.

“36-year-old Randi Chaverria turned in her resignation to Round Rock High School Principal Matt Groff on November 19th.”

Randi Chaverria Arrested

Randi Chaverria was a Teacher of The year before she was arrested for sexual offenses. She was one of the best-respected teachers of the school and something like this can never be expected from such a teacher. She was honored for her achievements in the classroom many times. Even recently she attributed her success to her family’s commitment to education. No doubt that teacher plays a significant role in the development of society. and something like this not only hurt the respect of teachers in the environment but also affect the reputation of the schools.


Chaverria once said, “She said that she does not teach just any subject, but instead, she educates them with the hope that they will leave the classroom thinking about ways to make a difference in their community and positively touch the lives of others.”

According to district authorities, she also led the school’s Adopt-A-Child community service activity. Parents were in deep shock after hearing the incident of Chavarria. Unfortunately, her actions have made many parents and students feel deceived.  

Texas Teacher of The year Randi Chaverria Update Allegations 

36 years old teacher, Randi Chavarria was taken into custody and accused of a sexual crime in the classroom. currently, we don’t have any update about his current status and also we don’t know anything about her husband or family. Whenever our team gets any update on Randi Chaverria we will let this article update. 

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