Singer Mensi of Angel Upstart band is been trending on social media because of his death news. People were curios to know more about mensi:

Unfortunately, another legendary Musician popularly known as Singer Mensi has passed away. In his honor, thousands of people pay tribute to him online. His name is circulating on the internet with the RIP hashtag. He was a great Singer who gains massive followers from his talent. Mensi was from the angel upstart band. We will know more about the band and Singer Mensi in the article.

Mensi Singer of Angel Upstart

Who is Mensi?

Singer Mensi was a famous Musician from the band Angelic Upstarts. Sources reveal that he succumbed to the Covid that he had been fighting in the hospital for the past few weeks. Mensi has massive fans and followers for his music. Combining the terrace national anthem, the real boisterous spirit, street politics, and unexpected pop music, their music stands out in the second stage of punk. Mensi was not only a famous musician but also a beautiful-hearted personality. He never has an ego and always meets his fans with open-hearted.

No doubt that Mensi was a superstar of his time and he has many amazing performances on the stage. His fans will definitely miss him in their entire life. RIP Music legend Mensi.

What is Angelic Upstarts?

Angelic Upstarts are an English punk rock band formed in South Shields in 1977. The band released eight studio albums in their first decade. After a brief split they reformed in 1988, and a number of times subsequently, with new albums appearing in 1992, 2002, 2011, and 2016. More than two decades after its release, their debut single, “The Murder of Liddle Towers”, was included in Mojo magazine’s list of the best punk rock singles of all time. Singer Mensi was one of the significant members of Angelic Upstarts. 

Mensi Cause of death

Mensi has been hospitalized with new coronary pneumonia in the past few weeks. Sources confirmed that Mensi cause of death is Covid. His family said, “He is a fighter and fights every day. This will never change.” “Dad in the intensive care unit, is still very poor, the whole family hope and prays every day there is good news. His road to recovery long way to go, he is in the best position possible to help him,” his family said in a statement Written in.

The statement continued: “He can’t use his phone or check Facebook. We have been praying and hope everything goes well. He is a fighter who fights every day and this will never change. Hopefully, I will share when we publish next time. Some better and positive news. He also has 100 messages, too many to reply. I will post any news, thank you, everyone.”

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