Terrible news came out that one of the men went to the zoo to see the animals and have fun along with his wife. He has been in trouble and lost his life, yes you heard it right, his name was Rasha Basis. No one thought that it would happen to him, it was an unexpected incident, which can not be imagined by anyone. DeathMilitia.com

By the way, we want to tell you that in history there have been more incidents like this. That is why the government has also issued the guidelines that when you go to the zoo, you have to stay away from the animals whether you want to click pics or anything. To know more about the Rasha Bseis zoo video, keep reading this post, we will be right back with a new post.

who is Rasha Bseis?

A shocking video is circulating on the Internet and many people are showing interest to watch the video. We want to tell you, the video is from the Naples zoo where a man went for having fun and enjoying the day along with his wife. But it has become an unforgettable day for him and also the last day of his life. All of a sudden he comes into trouble conditions when a tiger attacks him and he died on this spot.

We can see the video on the Twitter platform the man had been identified as Rasha Basis.  As far as you know on a Thursday morning he made a plan to visit a zoo he had a camera backpack and some eatable items. He also had a wife along with him he wanted to see animals and when he takes the photo of the tiger attacked him and he lost his life. 

Rasha Bseis Video 

Rasha Bseis did not get a chance to save himself and to go away from the tiger. As per the report we got to know the tiger was 8 years old and the trainer of the tiger is name Ako. It was a Malaysian tiger it is a shocking video that was uploaded on the Internet and many people are watching this video.

They are sharing on the different social media platforms they are looking for more details. From many websites, the video has been deleted due to Graphic content and violating policies of social media.

It is sad news he was survived by his wife to the family it was a big and unexpected loss to his family may he sold rest in peace. So there is not much info available on the web about him, we are trying to find out, such as his personal life and family background.

Netizens are reacting to this and they are bent on seeking links on Twitter. For more viral updates keep visiting this site we will be right back with another viral news.

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