Another horrible news just comes in the trending list of social media platforms. The 24-year-old daughter Riley Sluman and father Michael Scott Sluman, 54, died in a tragic motorcycle accident. Riley Sluman Accident News is on every social media platform and thousands of people were showing their grief and passing their condolence to their families. May their soul rest in paradise. We will learn more about them in the article.

Who is Riley Sluman?

Riley Sluman whose full name is Riley Mae Sluman was a young daughter of Michael Scott Sluman from Evans. Riley Sluman is also on Facebook. They both were in trend when their news of Accidental death come on the internet. Sources revealed that they both were involved in an accident in which a bike collided with a pick-up truck on Tuesday in Frederick. and this Deadly bike accident becomes the cause of their Death.

 Riley Sluman

Sources also confirmed that Riley Sluman died on the spot while her father died near the local hospital. Their Death news is first comes online on September 23, 2021, and at this time this news is circulating on every social media platform.

One close relative of Riley Sluman also created Go fund me Page for supporting their family. 

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Riley Sultan Motorcycle Accident

Many Big authorize News sources have confirmed the Death of Riley Sluman Death. The motorcycle was hit from behind. Police revealed that Riley’s father, Michael was driving, and she was sitting behind. As per the reports, the pickup driver is still being hospitalized, and her identity is under wraps at the moment. 

 Riley Sluman father

The police identified the father and daughter, who died on the same day was riding northbound on Colorado Boulevard (Weld County Road 13). The pickup truck hit the motorcycle from behind around  7:30 p.m. Thousands of people were sharing their condolence and paying tribute on social media. RIP Riley Sluman.

One Close friend of Riley Sluman Wrote:

“I keep asking myself if I’m allowed to be sad. If anyone knows the relationship we had they’d say hell yeah you can be sad Destany. God Riley I freaking want to scream at the top of my lugs at you. We wasted so god damn much time fighting. It makes me so dang angry. I can’t stop thinking about the crazy things we have been through together. No one can take those memories from me. I’m so happy we were making things right before you left this world. I can be at peace with that. Thank you for being the best mommy to my Nephew. You and my cousin brought the most beautiful thing to this world and I will always love you for that. Fly so damn high Ry.”

Another Friend Said:

“Every time I try to post I start shaking and can’t hit the right letters, my eyes fill with tears, and I can’t breathe. All of you please, please know I see and hear your messages and I feel the outpouring of love and support that surrounds me and it IS giving me strength. It overwhelms me at times. To my family, my friends, her friends, his friends, my co-workers, Dave’s co-workers, this community, and complete strangers that knew none of us I feel your love and support and I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my shattered heart.

My beautiful baby with the infectious smile and laugh. I love you so much!
Riley Mae Sluman
6/20/1997 – 9/21/2021″

Riley Sluman Father Michael Scott Sluman

Michael Scott Sluman was a 54-year-old guy who is also the father of Riley Sluman. Both daughter and father were in trend because of their Deadly bike accident news. May their departed soul get rest in peace. 


Sources also revealed that they both didn’t wear the helmet which is another cause of their death. If they wore the helmet that things may be different even maybe they were alive. But unfortunately, nobody can do anything in this matter now. We request to all our readers, please wear the Helmet before riding your vehicle. 

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