Scruffpuppie young musical artist Alleged With Sexual Assault By Her Close Friend. JJ Scruffpuppie racism charges, controversy. 

Scruffpuppie, a young musical artist recently faces sexual allegations from her close friends. The allegation was made by her friend Raisin through posting a long thread on her Twitter account.  As Scruffpuppie is a popular personality and huge fan following, these allegations shocked her fan community completely and left them in total disbelief. We will share with you everything our team has collected so far in the matter.


Who Is Scruffpuppie?

Scruffpuppie is a singer by profession. She is working with the record label Saddest Factory for some time now which is owned by Phoebe Bridger. Personal information like age, net worth, boyfriend, family is not known to us at the moment. Also, she does not have any Wikipedia page on the internet.

She got into trouble after the allegation made by the girl over social media for taking her benefit and sexually abusing her. We will discuss the allegation later in this blog so stay with us to discover more. 

On 26 November, Casper made some claims “during the 1 year that we were dating, @scruffpuppie was subscribed to my only fans messaging me disgusting stuff, subscribed to my roommates only fans & family, & multiple of their friends in real life. they were subscribed under a fake name so we didn’t know it was them”

And here is what response came out from JJ side :

JJ does have a Twitter account with around 6k followers at the press time.

JJ Scruffpuppie racism charges

A girl named Raisin aka Bryndaline has made claims of being the victim of sexual assault by her close friend Scruffpuppie. She made a detailed disclosure of the event that happened by posting a long thread on her Twitter handle. raisin wrote on her Twitter handle “CW: sexual assault. I met JJ in 2016 when they transferred to my high school. We were close friends for a number of years. In April of 2020, JJ sexually assaulted me while under the influence of MDMA. The following tweets detail my experience and the timeline of these events.” 

After the allegation went public the official Twitter handle of Saddest Factory Records publicly announced they are no longer interested in working with JJ. “After seeing evidence of very disturbing behavior from JJ, we will no longer be working with Scruffpuppie.  It’s important to us and our community that we do not condone or support racism or abuse of any kind.”


Controversy Explained

So far there is no response from her side related to all this Scruffpuppie controversy. Raisin does have some screenshots which she is going to use as evidence for further investigation. We can’t jump to any conclusion as it would be too early. We will soon update you when anything new came up in the matter.


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