Recently Shakia burton from Chicago was trending on the internet after the rumors of her death in the shocking Chicago accident that took place on 1 January 2022. She was confirmed as a mother of a child. The beautiful soul was alleged to be a victim of the fatal accident which cost the lives of three people. Although as of now there is no authentic information from the police confirming Shakia as one of the three. Many social media users share heartfelt condolence over the sudden passing of a mother. Everyone is sharing sympathy with the family members who lost an integral part of their family. Keep reading to explore more about the accident. 

who was Shakia Burton?

Shakia Burton from Chicago, Illinois. There is no personal information related to her available on the internet. Details like age, husband, place, etc are yet to be disclosed. As per the sources she was a mother and had a happy family. if you want to check, We have found her Facebook account. 


She got into the trend after the news of her death was confirmed by some sources. Although the exact reason behind the death remains a big question. But some of the rumors claim her to be the victim of the unfortunate vehicles crash that took place on January 1. In the incident reportedly three people lost their lives in which driver and Tonette Rowry were included. According to the rumors, Burton was the third one among the three but no stringent proof is behind this theory. So we can’t validate any of those beliefs. 

Shakia Burton Death

Shakira Burton sudden passing of the young lady is really a matter of deep sorrow. The family member must be deeply shocked by the incident. There are lots of messages on the social media platforms like Twitter Facebook mourning the passing of a mother, who met a tragic end. Our team shares condolence and pray for the family. 

There is one school of thought on the internet that claims that she committed suicide.  But as we said before due to a deficiency of proper information we can not trust any of these. Once our team collected enough data we will surely update you about this. and clear all your doubts related to the same. 

One wrote mourning the death “Such a beautiful girl inside and out, I still can’t believe this happened to you. I love you and will truly miss you rest easy Shakia Burton”

Another said “Chicago Is just not the same no more, this is just sad!!! So many women are getting killed in my city…. And it really breaks my heart. It seems like women die more in Chicago than males nowadays. Another child without a mother. Y’all gotta do better Chicago. “


Shakia burton Chicago Accident

Illinois police have not revealed the identity of the three people who died in the brutal accident that happened at 5:15 a.m. on I-290. The accident was the fallout of a collision between the opposite side vehicles. As per the sources, one of the victims was said to be  Tonette Rowry who lost life with the driver and one another. 


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