Recently the ‘Psycho Old Man Smashes Windows Out With Baton’ named Dennis Tissington is again in the social media spotlight. According to the news circulating online, the old man is passed away. Dennis Tissington got famous in 2016 when his video got viral on social media. In the viral video, he was seen smashing the car window of a man. Later he was arrested and the case went to court for a verdict. We will know more about the old guy in the article.

Dennis Tissington Death

The viral old man Dennis Tissington has recently passed away but the netizens are more interested in his window-smashing story. Although the story is about 5 years old but people were massively paying their attention to it like it is a new case. Some people were believing that Dennis was die in jail. Currently, any official statement revealing Dennis Tissington cause of death is not yet released even we don’t have any update of his family.

who was Dennis Tissington?

Dennis Tissington was a viral old man since the year 2016. His window-smashing video hit the internet hard and made him a topic of gossips. Millions of users were posting their thoughts about the man on social media. Dennis details are not properly mentioned anywhere even any details of his charges and family is also not available. The only thing available is that he was an old man who got arrested back in 2016 and now he has passed away according to the news confirmed by various sources.

Dennis Tissington Verdict

Some people were interested in the complete story and explanation of what happened between the old man Dennis Tissington and the guy sitting in the car named Tyler Stojan. According to Dennis Tissington Verdict, They had a dispute over landscaping where Damian Dallyn owned the ‘All In One Landscaping’ company and Tyler’s neighbor was his customer. A careless act by Dennis resulted in damaging Tyler’s landscape resulting in issues over money, commitments, and back and forth verbal fight. One fine day, Tyler decided to smash Dallyn’s car which was recorded and was all over social media. The video clip goes viral on social media.

Dennis Tissington cause of death

As we said, proper information about the old man is not yet revealed. Any official source confirming that Dennis Tissington died in jail is also not available. Although some sources were claiming that the news is true but there is still much confusion over the internet. The 67-year-old cause of death is not publically available and not even any of his family members have released their statement on it. We will let our audience update soon with the latest information. 


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