Spookyd0’s Twitter video is getting viral on the internet and many people are showing interest to watch the video. As there are many websites that have covered this news and still it is getting the heat on the web. Spookyd0’s Twitter account has posted a video in which we can see two cousins a girl whose name is Paris Harvey who is just 14 years old and accidentally shoots her cousin whose name is Kuaron Harvey. And after she shoots her son, she kills herself and it all was happening in the live stream video on Instagram.

Who is Spookyd0 Twitter?

There are more than thousands of people who are watching these videos and the video has got millions of views as of now. Both of them are youthful cousins they were in the live stream on Instagram from St. Louise. Both of them were having fun together no one knew about this. The family is completed devastated and they’re broken-hearted after they got to know about this incident.

The mother of a girl has interacted with the media many people are paying condolence to the family and they’re expressing their feelings. As we can see there are plenty of tweets on Twitter police have also started to investigate the case. As they considered murder and suicide, the video is circulating nonstop on the internet.

Spookyd0 on twitter

It was unexpected and it surprised a lot of netizens, we also express deep condolence to the family who lost 2 innocent souls may their souls rest in peace we will be right back with the latest updates about this. Through further reports, we have come to know that both of them were doing a live stream in the washroom. Both of them were shot in the head, there was no personal intention behind this incident.

Both of them used to share a strong bond and they used to make videos and pull tricks. They will be missed a lot by the family, it is the biggest loss to them. The recording video was posted on Twitter under the username Spookyd0 Twitter. This account has been the center of attraction and catching lots of attention. It is not the first video apart from this there are plenty of videos which are containing disturbing content and people are showing interest to watch this kind of content. For more viral updates stay connected with us on the same site.

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