Recently a COVID story on TikTok went viral, people are hugely searching for more about Queen City Dom on TikTok, who is she? why she is viral and more.  She belongs to North Carolina. Her heart-aching covid struggle story has stolen the show.  So many people are reacting to her story on social media sites. For your kind information, Queen city dom is a popular social media star active on Instagram and TikTok. She has thousands of followers on these platforms. Her contents are widely liked by her fan following.

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Queen City Dom

Queen City Dom 

Dominique De Silva well knows by the name Queen City Dom is a famous Tiktoker. If you talked about her real profession then she was a property agent in the city of Charlotte. She has completed her graduation from DeVry University. She was born on Nov 13th, 1998.  Dominique had not revelated her boyfriend’s detail yet. Recently She catches the social media limelight because of her emotional covid story. She posted the video on TikTok and eventually crossed the milestone of 10 million views on the platform in a matter of time.

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One of the Twitter users wrote “Lol she’s faking it it’s so obvious, the video she has an eraser on her finger with a headphone chord. She tries to make it look like she’s in a hospital but she’s in her apartment. She’s a conservative scam artist”

In response to the above tweet, Dominique responded: “I’m sure my hospital bill from that trip wouldn’t be helpful for you huh? Btw I’m not anti-anything, I’m simply trying to get back to my life before all of this. Please take your negativity elsewhere.”

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“I don’t think she’s faking. I just don’t think there’s any reason to believe these symptoms showing up months after the vaccine are linked. Much more likely it’s just an unrelated condition. Young, fit people would have weird neurological things randomly happen pre-COVID.”

Just because something hasn’t happened to you personally doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I guess you’re unaware of the 2,500+ cases from the support group I’m in of everyone experiencing the same issues..

— Queen City Dom (@queencitydom) August 19, 2021

Is the covid story Fake or real?

After Queen City Dom covid story after vaccine viral on social media so many criticize her for the fake TikTok story. The logic shared by the criticizers is that she has not shared any prove.  At the same time, some push her and praise her for courage. This is totally subjective now to which side you choose. This is up to you whether after reading her covid struggle story you believe her or not.

Here is what she has said on the Instagram handle:

“March 18th, 2021 is the day that I made a decision that flipped my entire world upside down.”

“I’ve been EXTREMELY quiet about this decision and the adverse effects that it has caused me simply because I didn’t want to scare anyone out of making their own decision on receiving the vax..”

“With all this being said, I made the decision to get my vax before I left Las Vegas to move back to my home state of North Carolina because I wanted to play it safe and make sure those around me weren’t in harms way. I also do have underlying autoimmune issues which I have openly talked about for a while now.”

“I’m not ashamed of why I received the vax because I know my heart was in a good place and my intentions were pure..and yet here I am struggling with adverse side effects from this life changing decision.”

“Doctors have been pretty lost on what exactly is going on..running multiple tests, medical imaging and neurological exams coming back with no answers..”

“Here’s just a glimpse of what I’ve been dealing with-“

“Symptoms that come and go:
Difficulty walking and weakness within the legs
Dull aching & sharp shooting pains within the legs
Heart palpitations
Lack of sensation throughout the body
Cold sensation in the legs
Pain behind the eyes
Tremor in right hand” She continued

“Symptoms that are 24/7:
Short term memory loss
Trouble forming sentences
Feeling out of body
Depth perception is off
Visual Changes
Severe brain fog”

“I am not sharing this post to scare anyone out of making their own decision, however I do believe that people must know exactly what the risks are. These stories shouldn’t be so hidden on social media platforms or the news and I’m done being so quiet about this.. If there is anyone out there that is experiencing something similar don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. Please share!!! I can use all the insight and help I can get right now..” further she added

Queen City Dom Instagram

Queen City Dom is active on Instagram with around 88.1k followers and 68 posts. Here is the link to her Offical Instagram handle Queen City Dom.

2 thoughts on “Queen City Dom: Tiktok, Viral Covid Story, Fake Or Real, Instagram”
  1. Her story falls apart from the first words she couldn’t have received a Pfizer Covid vaccine in Nevada on March 18th.

    The vaccines for a 23 year old weren’t done until April 5th or March 22nd for medically fragile patients.

    Her videos of her tremors etc do not look real and are a disservice to all who do suffer from these illnesses

  2. Correction to my post above, shes 30 but still not eligible for vaccine March 18th

    Finding it highly suspicious she closed comments on all her Instagram posts in last 24 hours if she is for real ?? I say fraud

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