A piece of Saddening news has just hit the internet hard. Teddy Balkind who is a St Luke high school hockey player got serious injuries in the body. And later when admitted to the hospital pronounced dead. The shocking news was confirmed recently on social media. The injuries were sustained during his match in the school. Many social media users paid tributes and express their sympathy for the family members who lost their members in such a tragic way. Keep reading the article to learn more about the details of the incident. 

Teddy Balkind dead

Teddy Balkind while playing a hockey match in Brunswick School, Greenwich got fatal injuries. Although the exact situation around the same is yet to be released. But some of our sources said that he collided with another player that leads to the accident. Later in view of the situation match was canceled at the moment. He was shifted to the nearby hospital by the school authorities. But Teddy can’t battle the injuries and died on the spot.

Melissa Warner said “An awful tragedy in Greenwich tonight. A St. Luke’s hockey player has died after being injured during a game against Brunswick School. Brunswick’s Head of School calls it unimaginable, adding: “We are devastated.””

The way young and passionate hockey enthusiasts met with his end is really a matter of shock. No one has ever thought he will die in this way. Our team paid deepest tributes and pray for the family and relatives who face the biggest blow of their life of losing him.  

who is Teddy Balkind?

Balkind was a hockey player at St Luke high school which is based in new Cannan. Not much about this personal life is available to us at the moment. But sources confirmed that he is a lively, polite, and hardworking boy with high aspirations in life. He had a special internet in playing hockey. Teddy participates in the matches held during his school competition. His parents are proud of him for being an adhering son. 

How did hockey player die?

As mentioned he was Teddy Balkind new Canaan sudden demise was because of a collision during playing hockey. We are waiting for further information to come out in relation to exactly what happened to him which cost his life.  Our team will keep you updated with the latest news in the case. 

No doubt the loss by the sudden demise of the young boy is irreparable. We can’t undo the situation but can share our wishes that his soul rests in peace. and god provides family enough strength to pass on this situation. Keep them in your prayers. 

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